My Nintendo 64 games

All games are PAL.

The Nintendo 64 had a slow start here in Australia - I remember it releasing on March 1st, 1997, and I remember that by September, it'd had 15 games released for it. The system picked up and had a great roster of first party titles, but little else - and things haven't really changed in the home market for Nintendo since then.

List items

  • See top 5 list.

  • I really enjoyed the story mode of this game. Controls were less than ideal, though, and the game is dated.

  • This game was quite controversial at the time. I personally prefer the Xbox version - controls were slightly tweaked and are more comfortable.

  • Rare's version of Mariokart. Enjoyable enough, but repetitive.

  • Great music, and 30 cars on screen at once?!? Crazy.

  • Pretty much the only FPS I ever enjoyed, thanks to the 007 influence and the fact that you had more to do than just "get from A to B".

  • I loved the original. This one, not so much. No Cinder, No Chief Thunder, no Riptor.

  • Huge Pokemon fan, loved these games. Even if the CPU is the luckiest guy on Pokearth.

  • Apart from the ridiculous "Challenge Cup", I really enjoyed this game. Even if the CPU is luckier than it was in the previous game.

  • Insert meme here.

    I played this game enough to medal all 15 levels on both Standard and Expert mode.

    Really fun game. If I get a 3DS I'll probably pick it up again.

  • This game should probably be on my top 5. Considered one of the best games of all time, and I'd dearly love to play it on something other than an N64 (my controllers are all stuffed) or the DS (no, Nintendo. Just no.)