My Xbox 360 games

Unless otherwise stated, all games are PAL.

List items

  • If you're expecting a 3D platformer like BK and BT, then you're in for a surprise. Whether it's a good one or a bad one, that's another matter. I quite enjoyed this game, but some of the collision mechanics are a bit frustrating.

  • Very traditional, very safe, and very good. It's like Final Fantasy 5 HD. Basic storyline, adventure theme, job system, good music, and a very popular (though not my favourite) art style.

  • I don't normally enjoy GTA style games, but the super-hero-style player upgrades, the ridiculous explosions you could set up, and the tomfoolery on offer with the maxed out Agency cars made this game a riot. Orb hunting for the OCD in me made this game all the more enjoyable.

  • Not a bad game, but not as enjoyable as the first, for me. Basing the game on the same set of islands made it familiar but a little repetitive, and the increased focus on gunplay wasn't to my tastes.

  • Renegade edition - I am a big rhythm game fan, but I wasn't sure I'd like this game. However, the tracklist was a big seller (though I imagine many music fans may have found it too mainstream and poppy). An enjoyable game with some great mashups.

  • Haven't played it yet, but not sure if I have this in my backlog as I generally don't view party games or rhythm games are real backlog titles.

  • LE and Ultimate versions

    GT introduced me to racing games, and Forza 3 was quite a fun ride, though the event list was IMO too big for its own good. I also hate the concept of unicorn cars.

  • LE

    Playing this at the moment, and while it's a great game, and love the additions and changes made from FM3, I still have the same two gripes. Event list is still too big, and unicorn cars are a stupid concept.

  • A really fun game, though it took a little while to get used to the combat. Two main gripes that are kind of the same - there's no fast travel system of any sort, and the character movement speed is a bit low.

  • Another mostly traditional, mostly safe, epic multi disc RPG on the 360. And much like Blue Dragon, I loved this game. The only criticism I have is that the bonus dungeon DLC was a bit tacked on, and the drop rates for the items there was stupid.

  • Platinum Hits version with DLC on disc, NTSC-U (region free)

    I loved XMen Legends 2, and though this game simplified things in some ways, it was still a fun game. The game has some balance issues, but it's co-op, so it's no big deal.

  • For those of you thinking you should go back and play the original? Yeah, no. It's... dated.

  • Brilliant game, but naturally outdone by RB3.

  • Best music game I've played.

  • Track pack, basically.

  • I'm not a huge Beatles fan, and this game was amazing. The intro alone is almost worth the asking price.

  • Another track pack, basically.

  • Cute looking game, very repetitive, but a fantastic tracklist out of the box.

  • A fun little game and the figures look quite nice. Expensive to "own", but then so is Rock Band if you want the instruments, or a racing game if you want a wheel, or a fighting game if you want a stick.

    I have all 32 figurines, but no colour-variants or legendaries.