Rare Replaylist

Tracking this game separately so I don't have a backlog in a backlog. This is now a tracking list of games that have stamps left to earn. In theory I could also re-add Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Battletoads to this list in case I decide to go for the last two achievements. We'll see how I go with PDZ and Kameo, first.

List items

  • 9/10 - 730/1000

    Currently need to play through most of Secret Agent Co-Op for 25gs (10gs for agent, 15 for secret, achievements stack). That should get me to 755, enough for the last PDZ stamp.

  • 9/10 - 710/1000

    Two options here for the final 50 gamerscore. Either get an S rank on one level (5 chapters left to choose from, each gives 50gs as a reward), or play through the game in co-op (4 chapters that need to be played, each gives 10gs).