The Backlog

This is a list of games that I own that have not been completed. Some of them I have never played, while others I didn't get into or enjoy when I did play them. Those I didn't enjoy the first time around may never get another chance if I keep buying new games, but I'm ok with that.

I've decided to have another shot at rearranging the list, this time with the "next" game for each system at the top of the list.

Recent Activity: FFRK (iOS), Picross 3D Round 2 (3DS), Final Fantasy 13 (PC).

I've done about 320 of the 360-ish puzzles in 3D Picross Round 2. Fairly certain that the currently visible, locked, books, are the last books in the game, as I've just unlocked one of the three visible books that were left, and no new locked book appeared.

I started playing Final Fantasy 13 on PC, and just reached the point where my whole team is together for the first time... and at this point the game has decided to run like crap on the PC (was running very nicely before that). So, I've made a backup of my saves (in case the cloud plays up) and I'm redownloading it.

Sometimes, PCs suck.

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