Best of 2010

This year ended up being great for gaming but it was a hard choice in the end. Honerable mention goes out to Minecraft which isn't technically out, Limbo for being okay, and Comic Jumper, for being hilarious as fuck, but sucking as a game.  Also to ACII, I played you this year and so you weren't on my list last year.

List items

  • This was an unexpected number one. To be honest, I thought DOWII:CR to beat it out. Its not that I thought it would be bad, but at the time a super old school rts made shiny didn't appeal to me all that well. The single player was meh, but like many it was the competitive ass multiplayer that got me. The amount of time that I have played and watched this great polished game is more than any other game on this list, which is surprising to say the least. I didn't think it would hook me in, but it became my goty.

  • I'll admit I was really excited for this one. Despite what others said, I was huge fan of the first game, and the lore and the great conversations hooked me. I was weary of the changes, but boy were they great. Great conversations, hooks, lore, and a good combat system combined with a good twist makes for a solid game. This was so close to my game of the year, but the sheer amount of re-playability in SCII makes it win out.

  • You'll notice something on the box art of this game that keeps it from being number one, and its the Games for Windows Live. It seems pretty trivial to choose based on something like that, but it was a deal-breaker. Its because of GFWL that the matchmaking was borked, and the patches took forever. Even with steam, the patches needed Microsoft Certification, and balance took a nose dive. Despite this, its a great game, both with a great single player, and the multiplayer was great, I even got into casting for it.

  • Fuck you but I love you....goddamn it.

  • Played a lot, but issues at launch stop from being number one. Luckily the patch came to address issues, but it was a little late for keeping goty. Still like the old civs, addictive as hell and good to boot.

  • As a Halo game its great, and while I loved it, I've played a LOT of Halo. I'll go back to it at some point, but as of now I'm not interested, sorry Reach.

  • This game is great, but other than it being a fun time waster, its not much more. But what a spectacular time-waster you were.

  • I played this game during a time when I was on vicadin for about 2 weeks. So my memories are a bit hazy, and about super fucked up. But I do remember it being pretty good, and it satisfied my itch for Zelda. Honestly I'd love a sequel, and even thought about picking this game up during the steam sale despite the fact I beat it while I rented it.

  • Ehhh fun to blow stuff up, but seriously misses some good polish and real story.

  • Okay single player, and great multiplayer when it worked. Seriously the game still is off and on with working, so it really hurts it when it doesn't work even after a LOT of tweaking.

  • Great concept and okay to play through, but the combat was shitty, and plain broken with some options on.