GOTY 2012

This was a different year. I've had probably the most stressful year of my life by far. Pchem took all of my free time and never let it go for the most part. Which means I didn't have much time in the second half of the year for any big story games. Or big games in general. I like the beginning of XCOM and Dishonored, but they're not on the list because I just haven't had time. As a note, my favorite game this year was Mage Knight: the Board Game. And if you haven't been playing board games, you're doing it wrong. So lets get into the list.

List items

  • This game needs to be played. Enough has been said about it. Play it.

  • This game is fantastic. It is the best take of a DotA style game since LoL. Its high skill, intense, and hilarious. Seriously, some of the writing for the announcers is the best I've seen. Its seriously amazing, and its a damn shame that no one played it. Try it, its some of the most fun I've had this year.

  • I came for the cool platformer, but stayed for the amazing cryptic puzzles. The slow solving of all the puzzles with everyone was great. First time in a long time that I broke out some graph paper to solve some shit. Was so much fun to S rank.

  • This made Civ V better than 4. I played quite a bit of it this year, and man, does it make Civ V the real deal. If your on the fence, get it.

  • A great end to the best trilogy to come out in video games. It wasn't as good as 2, but it was still fantastic. I liked the ending, even though it wasn't the best.

  • This game is great. The soundtrack mixes with the action perfectly. Combining that with the most intense action, it is so incredibly cathartic once you finally run through a level while doing it perfectly.

  • This game is great. 20 hours and I still haven't beaten it.

  • Reignights my love for halo. play it.

  • An incredibly fun and crazy fps, give it a shot.

  • Its more counterstrike, I'm sure you know if you want that.

  • My actual GOTY, but its from 2011. Play it. Love it.

  • A fun time, just nothing new or intersting.

  • Man for a game where my high score is 90 seconds, I somehow put about 4 hours into this game. Its great.