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BLACK Review 1

Intro: We are all familiar with this situation. We hear all this hype about an upcoming game, it’s getting loads of media and press attention and the screenshots and trailers look amazing. The game gets released and you take the plunge and fork over 50 quid for the game. And when we start playing it makes a great first impression and we believe the hype and attention was deserved, Only to be sitting in front of a screen hours later having finished the game, wondering what all the fuss was ...

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Tomb Raider Legend 0

GraphicsThe graphics in the game are truly amazing and in places nothing short of breath-taking. This comes as no surprise seeing as the game has been developed by the same people responsible for the Legacy of Kain series which has always maintained a high level of visual quality. Everything about the game meets a very high graphical standard from the character models to the environments. Lara herself looks incredible and thanks to some great animations , looks very natural while she moves...

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