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Halo Reach Beta Thoughts

I like the game, but I dislike how it's shifted to a more Call of Duty movement speed and a smaller jumping height. The new modes are fantastic, but I think that there are too many medals this time around. The graphics are great, and I bet the final game will be a much greater product. I dislike armor abilities, and frag grenades are much to powerful, so says Mr. Stewart . . . I MEAN ME!



I've had enough and I restarted my persona 4 game.

That was my first runthrough i was playing today. I started a while back but got sidetracked. So i started playing again today, got about 7 and a half hours done, and restarted cause of frustration. From the very beginning i fucked up by making my name all caps, then i kinda ignored hanging out with friends, took a little bit to rap myself around the combat so basically i fucked up. Today i died twice and it was BULLSHIT. Cause i messed up a bit i went into the dungeon rescuing that slut underequipped and kinda weak. So I was saving that black haired bitch, i barely make it to the knight boss, and it gets my strongest guy Yoske BOOM ONE HIT 100+ damage, he goes down and i'm all like "fuck i'll try with 2 guys" and the shadow all like "oh no bitch i'm not done yet" turns around and slaughters Chie. At this point I'm imagining my all caps character crapping his pants, and then the night turns around and kills him. It went boom, boom, BOOM I'm dead >:(

Jeff was lucky the guy missed its first shot on him. I went in with FULL health (but barely any SP mind you so i was still probably gonna lose) So i went a week back, did things better, prepared myself and i was all excited to try again. Then 1 little black shadow, a fucking cube, it soaks up all the damage i give it. I'm thinking "awe whats this poor little cube gonna do to me? Give me like 20 damage at most? Wrong. It did a black hole kinda attack on me and annihilated all three guys 100+ damage in one fucking attack. It was more humiliating then the godamn Night. A freaking CUBE demolished me!!! So anyway i made a new file, and i'm gonna make things right, starting with the name.


Wierd Persona 5 dream.

I dreamt about persona 5 today. It takes place in an alternate reality, but a computer instead of a TV. Theres futuristic gagets and such and Kratos is in it too. Theres an enemy that createst attacks by merging PC things like minesweeper and system32.exe and Yosuke is a cyborg O.o Sooooo weird and Chie is a program that lies deep within the computer . . .


Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack

So its been a week or so and I've played a ton of Mythic. I'll share my opinion on the 3 maps:

Sandbox-The most talked about map is actually kind of a disappointment for me. The maps seemed like they were just thrown together quickly and they suck partly because of the playlist; Social. There's rockets, vehicles and equipment all over the place. The matches are all very chaotic and so huge it seems Sandbox was designed as a 5v5 or 6v6 map. The main map; Sandbox doesnt have that competetive facotr because of all the crazy grav lifts and vehicles. When Bungie integrates Mythic into more play lists we can hope for smaller, more competitive maps. Forge is a blast to screw around with, and my favorite thing about the map is Grifball. Sandbox has an underground section dedicated to Grifball. I'm not a big fan of GB but its fun when your playing with friends, and i think the court in Sandbox is slightly bigger than in Foundry. I'm sure in the coming updates we'll see better Sandbox maps in better playlists. The setting is cool and the possibilities are endless for creative Forgers.

Assembly-This map is perfect  for Social. Wide open areas and plenty of places to hide for the assassins among us. The grav hammer in the middle actually doesn't impact the game as much as I first thought it would. Smart players will pick up Carbines and BRs and desimate AR/Hammer dudes from a distance. This map has a lot of cool jumps, and is a blast to play CTF and Slayer on. This map reminds be of Midship, by personal favorite from Halo 2.

Orbital-First hearing of this map I didn't really think i'd be good, but boy was i wrong! I love this map and its my favorite from Mythic. Long wide corridors interwine to create this awesome map. Its best to play this with Rifles because of the long sections, yet there are plenty of things to hide behind. Picking up a couple of I was confused with this map the first couple of matches. But then it all became so familiar for me. 2 large sections, Red and Blue, come together at a couple of corners. Theres a rocket launcher to pick up with only 2 rockets, and a sniper which is very effective on this map. This will be a fan favorite in no time and Mongooses fill these maps. 'Gooses are crucial for CTF matches as enemies can easily BR or snipe you on most of te map.

This is the best map pack so far, and i can't waitto see more from Bungie.