Ridge Racer Unbounded is tedious thus far

Bought Ridge Racer Unbounded after seeing the Quick Look. It's pretty tedious. It is frustrating in its "well-placed" building facades that nearly ensure, if I am in uncontrolled drift, I will crash. However, it can be all too easy to take and keep first place in the first unlocked car, such that I feel no sense of accomplishment. Perhaps, it's just that I am an unskilled buffoon who can't drift and just keeps pounding on the game until an acceptable outcome is achieved. That said, I have the impression thus far that you don't have to be particularly skilled to do well in Ridge Racer Unbounded.

I'd also note that the textures and color palettes can make it pretty difficult to anticipate and discern the disposition of objects, turns, and the road itself to the degree that the simulation of driving a car is lost and it becomes a matter of pushing your graphics object through a murky tunnel to the finish line.