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So I went to Gamescom (Day Two)

Back from another day at the wonderful world of Gamescom, or as other people there called it, LinesCom. I spent a grand total of 8 hours in line today, was crazy BUT I got to see most of what I wanted. Those games being WatchDogs, Killzone Shadow Fall, Infamous Second Son and of course Titanfall.

I'm going to be honest, if it wasn't for Titanfall, my day would have been pretty lame. Killzone looked great but it was non-playable, so was Killzone. The guy playing the demo for us was terrible at Killzone (Infamous guy was good). It was pretty much the demos that were being shown around prior to Gamescom with the only notable difference being the path taken to each mission (because it was played live obviously).

Killzone was super colorful and gameplay-wise looked like something I could get into, so I got my eyes on it, maybe for a rental? The whole drone companion thingie is what really sold me to be honest, it just looked really cool and useful for once, gadgets looked great too.

Infamous Second Son was gorgeous. The way the main character broke down into fire and teleported forward, through vents and what not felt like a mix of Nightcrawler and Cole from Infamous. A combination I fell in love with, can't wait to get my hands on it early next year.

The main thing though was Titanfall. TITANFALL. Man, so much hype prior to the game and somehow I'm even more hyped now. Only reason I'd get a Xbox One so far but I guess it'll have to be PC. The demos were PC demos and it was amazing. Was an 8v8 match I'm pretty sure and it played, felt and looked amazing. You customize your character and choose your mech (Titan) from the character select with 3 available classes so far for each, all different (eg one Titan with massive machine gun or Titan with rocket launchers more effective vs other Titans). It took me a second to get used to the free running aspect of it but after that it felt incredibly satisfying running up and wall getting chased by a Titan before jetpacking backwards, falling on said Titan and destroying it. The Titans also felt great but I found a bug in which I'd shoot directly at enemies and they'd just absorb all bullets (more than with my normal character gun)... Weird but whatever it can be fixed.

Watch Dogs was just a video of the demo shown around the internet, nothing new, looks great and kinda glad I didn't see much because I already know I'll be getting it.

Gamescom was amazing, other than the average 4 hour waiting in line. Probably not going back again any time soon but glad I went. Sad I didn't get to play Battlefield 4 or use the Xbox One controller but those lines were just way too long. I'll just wait until November.

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So I went to Gamescom (Day One)

Today was an amazing day, it was my first time at a major gaming convention. Never been to PAX or E3 or what not. Been to a small event in Montreal but nothing compared to Gamescom.

So a month ago I knew that I was going to be in the Netherlands towards end August and I remembered "Hey! Gamescom is happening I should go", so I went and here are my impressions!

The event as a whole:

  • Great, big and everything I imagine E3 being. I've been watching events for years and it was surreal to be surrounded by massive LCD screens with next-gen gameplay, aka paradise.
  • However... the lines... THE LINES! Having to wait 3 hours for "Rise: Son of Rome" isn't normal.

The games

Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Only played Multiplayer and to be honest it was on PC so that bummed me out. Lined up for only 30 minutes (early morning) for the Xbox One version but the people working there couldn't really understand me (I don't speak German) and so I ended up stuck with PC...
  • Anyways, first impressions? It looks and plays exactly like Call of Duty, I used to play a lot of Modern Warfare on PC and am proud to say I was pretty great at it and it translated directly. Ended first with no issue and then I realized why. COD is COD is COD is COD.
  • Glad I played it because I realized I just want to play the singleplayer, I'm done with the multiplayer.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

  • Demo starts at sea and you have to destroy forts and then run up it and what not and get your things done (assassinate one dude).
  • Shortest demo I've played today but kinda loved it
  • It's really hard to explain how great the sailing felt, the waves were great and you really felt at sea, was also the first time I held a PS4 controller so might have been that
  • Felt and played like Assassin's Creed but without the bugs so I'm ready to give it another chance

Ryse: Son of Rome

  • Lined up for an hour and barely moved and so I just left :P
  • I watched people play the demo and it felt so boring, so so so boring, slowest hack and slash

Dead Rising 3

  • Cool story here, I lined up for an hour before the woman working the booth told me it was only a video presentation. I don't understand how press people can do that all the time, can't stress enough how misinformed most people in the line were, it was advertised as a playable demo. Thing is it was only playable by a random developer -.-

Batman: Arkham Origins

  • Friend half forced me to play it
  • Played exactly like the other Arkham games... NEXT!


  • Looked pretty great, especially the the particle effects. The way Knack could just break in a million pieces and back again in an instant was great.
  • Somewhat difficult, I died a few times and stopped playing out of frustration, wasn't that interested before and this didn't help


  • Looked great but the game felt slippery, turning a corner and just pushing the stick a bit too much and no more control. Don't know if it's really realistic or what not but I didn't like it.
  • HOWEVER, I was more than pleasantly surprised with something that will get me playing, leaderboards. Having everyone around me competing and their ghost cars being on your track was a great incentive, plus the picture you take at the beginning follows you everywhere and seeing all the crazy faces was a nice plus.
  • It's free with Plus and I can't wait to play more of it and hopefully maybe get better at it?


  • Played a PS4! That controller is simply amazing, it feels thinner, not as plastic-y and those triggers were magic. Super glad I pre-ordered one, feels like a greatly improved PS3 and I'm am so so down.
  • Didn't play Xbox One, only game with a lot of booths somehow was Peggle 2 and I didn't want to line up for 2 hours just to play Peggle.
  • Sad there was no playable demo for the Witcher 3 :(
  • Tomorrow will be my last day and saved Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs and Titanfall (hoping on Xbox One) for last. Super excited and will be posting impressions tomorrow night too! Also hoping to get my hands on a Xbox One, don't know which game, maybe Titanfall but won't know until then.

Getting a new PC, need a little bit of help...

Hey guys,

Going back to university soon, break is coming to an end. One of the things I'm really looking forward to though is a new PC. My gaming PC is still back home with my mom in the Netherlands but I didn't have anything here in Toronto. So I decided to save up some money and get a new PC that would be both an upgrade to my old one and to my Macbook Pro (only computing device I have here).

I really got into Star Wars the Old Republic and playing it via Bootcamp started great but the newer planets I'm going to are starting to get very laggy on the lowest settings. My FPS dropped from an average of 36 (still very bad but playable) to around 22-ish. It's becoming unplayable and I am half considering just stopping to play and saving the experience for later. ANYWAYS.

I'm planning on getting the following and building it from scratch:


Intel i5-2500k, Sturdy and looking pretty good. Never read anything bad about it like ever.


Now here's the main problem. I'm planning on getting an ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z. Thing about me is, I would love my computer to cost cheaper. I'm building it myself and there are a lot of cheaper motherboards but I haven't found a cheaper one than this one that got good reviews! I found Nightmarish stories about lesser expensive ones and everyone kept saying how good Republic of Gamers is.

Power Supply:

Getting a Corsair 750W power supply. Basic and should be good enough for the next generation or two.


Just the basic G.SKILL 8GB DDR3. Nothing too special.

CD/DVD Drive:

Nearly didn't get one but I have a legit copy of Windows 7 so might as well do that and pay the mere 16$ it cost.


HAF 912. Seriously considering getting bigger. Got some fears that it might not all fit. Hope it all does, strongly considering getting a HAF 932. Heard some bad stories about the HAF X so I'm staying away from that one.

Hard Drive:

HDT721010SLA360. With all the floods in Thailand, was really a pain in the ass to find a cheap 1Tb hard drive. Found that one online for 60$ so was quite happy with that.

Graphics Card:

Nvidia Geforce 570 GTX. No needs for links here. Just the standard high performing one. Better than the sweet spot GTX 560ti and should keep me busy until the GTX 700 series.


So basically the help I need comes in two categories. The motherboard and the case. I don't want something expensive, I'm a student and have been saving up for a while for this rig. I basically don't want it to be so cheap it sucks. I want it to be the greatest cheap quality if that's even possible. I just need either a P67 or Z68 motherboard and a cool looking black case. I heard Cooler Master is pretty great so was looking at HAFs, I want something with fans so that I can overclock with no worries. Seems doable no?

Thanks duders


Impressions so far

Hey Bombers/Bothans/Peeps, I have been playing a lot of Star Wars the Old Republic over the past few days and decided it was time to maybe post my impressions so far after having finished Act 1 of my storyline and being level 32/50. Going to keep it short and direct to just cover the important points and maybe help out people that are still undecided about getting the game or not.

I am one of those that even though I got invited to the beta I have still waited to play until the main game came out. I would have loved to help in the beta and all but realized late that it’d be better to keep the experience fresh and not have any past experience in the game. I found out that it was a great idea after all because I heard a lot of people talking about how they now wanted to rush content because they had already seen it all in the beta and how the main experience was boring because they had gone through most of it already. Well I was going through it all-new and it felt great.

I started a Jedi Consular on the Mind Trick server and named him Roxas, I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan so it seemed like a no-brainer, also reserved the name Sora and Riku for future use, I was sad to see that Kairi was already taken but whatever. I of course joined the guild Good Luck Have Bothans and met some pretty cool people in there. The social aspects of the game can still be improved, at the moment guilds are basically a chat with nothing else. I know WoW just implemented guild rewards and all but I thought it would have been nice to have made something for it already, as a pre-emptive thing. What would have I wanted? How about a spaceship for a guild? Like a guild hall from Guild Wars, we would fly there with our ship and dock in our guild space ship. It’d grow depending on the amount of people in the guild and also based on the level of the guild (Leveling up a la WoW or maybe just paying for upgrades a la Guild Wars).

The economy is still brand new but I’m seeing a rise in the use of the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) and it feels great to see that an economy is already establishing itself. Not a lot of level 50s on our server but it’s getting there and I feel that only when we have more will the economy truly flourish with more people having free time to craft and put their items in the GTN. I cannot explain how excited I am about the development of this in-game economy.

The economy is heavily reliable on crew skills that allow a lot of crafting that is then posted on the GTN. The crafting system is great, it’s really lazy but feels great nevertheless. I love having the ability to craft while on missions and all. The amazing thing about it too is that no longer will you have that problem where you level faster than your skills and have to go back to certain areas to gather some goods. I don’t think I made myself clear there so let me explain. For example, in World of Warcraft, imagine I was level 30 but my blacksmithing or mining was only appropriate to level 20s, I wouldn’t be able to mine nodes in my level 30 zones and would be forced to either go back to those zones or to buy the crafting materials from the Auction House. Glad that’s over, the new system makes it way easier and allows to focus on the most important aspect of this MMO… the story.

To be honest, the only story I have been experiencing so far has been the one of the Jedi Consular. I have been playing up to level 32 and have just finished the Act 1 of my story and can’t wait to continue. Let me explain quickly how this story has been going. A dark plague has been affecting great Jedi across the galaxy and I have to find a cure and go to each respective Jedi (stationed on different planets) to cure them from their curse. The story started strong, I was really invested in it BUT it slowly got boring. I mean the concept was great but the thing is that, after rescuing/curing the first 2 Jedi, I was already looking forward to finding out who was the culprit and actually fixing this problem. My prayers got fulfilled later on when the “finding the Jedi and curing them” phase ended and a proper development to the story happened. The end of act 1 got me really excited for the second act that I just started. Great start already and really happy about what’s happened in the universe. I am yet to try any other classes so can’t judge their story yet. I love that they all have different stories, it lengthens my playtime by infinity. I don’t feel like creating another character just yet, I invested a lot of time in this Jedi Consular and feel really enticed to keep going all the way to the end of the story. Reaching level 50 is great but I feel like keeping on going even more just to see how the story ends.

Conclusion for the moment? I feel like I could keep talking about this game forever. I have been anticipating it for a long long time but still find myself super happy to have purchased this game. I loved the KOTORs and Bioware games in general plus I love Star Wars and MMOs. I feel like this game has been made for me. Great feeling and can’t wait to jump back into the game later on this afternoon.

On this note, Merry Christmas to all of Giantbomb, hope you all got Star Wars the Old Republic, if you did make sure to join the guild and ask for any help if required.


Unboxing my Limited Edition 3DS

Just thought I'd upload a video of me unboxing my 3DS, the limited edition one. Just in case people wondered what it looked like or whatever. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

In other news, been playing loads of the Old Republic. Loving it, will upload some impressions later this week when it actually launches for the public (will be able to judge more accurately).

Take care duders


Gaming in December Part 1

Today is the day I finished Ocarina of Time on my 3DS, my final playtime was of around 24 hours and going to wait a while before starting Master Quest. I loved the game so much! Every second of it, I have finished it on N64 back in the days quite a few times and was so happy to see that the experience held up. Great game even after all those years. I didn't really mind the graphical improvements, I didn't even notice to be honest. I had this thing where I couldn't see the improvements until I actually did a screen by screen comparison of both versions, great improvements but again didn't help me enjoy the experience more. Ocarina of Time has been my favourite game for a while, every time there is one of those "What's your favourite game of all-time?" conversations, it's the game that comes to mind with Final Fantasy VII, so to play this game again is a big confirmation of how much I was right about it.

But other than that I've been playing a lot of Xbox 360 games, mainly Battlefield 3, Skyrim and Assassin's Creed Revelations. Let's tackle those games one at a time.

1. Battlefield 3:

  • Still amazing to my eyes
  • Can't enjoy the Call of Duty formula anymore so great change in pace
  • As I'm writing this, I can't wait to go back to my 360 and play it some more

I love this game, love love love it. I love the size of the map and how it legitimately feels like a Battlefield. I love how I can have "Holy sh**" moments every minute. Super happy I bought this game, can't wait for the expansions packs, Back to Karkand is going to suck me back in crazily when it comes out next week.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:

  • Still great
  • Can't seem to finish it :P
  • Just starting to take some breaks of gameplay

Ok, I love Skyrim a lot, it's a great game and all BUT I think I'm starting to reach my tired point. I'm getting a little bit tired of doing the same thing in long periods of time, I feel like now it's become this game that I play after long breaks. When I first got the game I couldn't stop playing until I reached the 50 hour mark, having completed the main quest line, the Dark Brotherhood and some other side quests. The main reason I'm stopping is that since the patch, mages are impossible to kill as a melee guy. I love to charge groups and just slam my way through. Doesn't seem possible anymore and that sucks, either the mages are way too overpowered or I've gone soft or something. Either way, I'm going to start playing it on small intervals when I get tired of Battlefield 3 or something.

3. Assassin's Creed: Revelations:

  • Ugh
  • Too
  • Soon

Just got the game delivered as a rental and I have played around 10 hours and I can't play anymore, I was forcing myself to go through it and at least reach the end to see where the story is going but I give up. This game came out way too soon, I'm a big fan of the Assassin's Creeds but damn I can't play them that much anymore. I'm sending it back without actually completing it, I think I'll just have a break and rent it back again in a few months when I get over my AC fatigue. Before the game came out I had heard a lot of people talk about how the game came out way too soon and I thought their complaints were kinda stupid or whatever (because I loved the series so damn much) but after playing for a few hours I was so sick of it. I can't do it anymore.

Overall it was a good gaming week in my opinion, good games and can't wait for the next few weeks where my gamefly cue brings me Saint's Row 3 and Deus Ex. Keep on gaming Giantbomb!

P.S. I was at the library studying some Computer Science at the University of Toronto when I noticed a guy seating a few meters away from me on his computer scrolling through Giantbomb, always feels great to see actual people on Giantbomb :)


First Impressions of the Limited Edition 3DS

Never thought I'd be the proud owner of a 3DS. Yeah I said it, proud.

I recently got a Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Limited Edition 3DS, mainly for looks to be honest but also thought it was time for me to get it. I mean I was going to get it eventually when the new Kingdom Hearts came out but the amazing new look made me love it.

Well I'm going to start off by saying how great the system feels. This edition is slightly shorter in horizontal length than the other 3DSs (very small difference) and I just thought it looked way smaller than it did in videos/pictures online. I always laughed at people that decided to play 3DS games without 3D set on but to be honest my experience with Ocarina of Time has been mainly in 2D. The 3D is nice and all but I feel like it kinda detracts from the experience, I just don't like the fact that I'm stuck in one point of view and can't really move around in case I lose the 3D-"effect".

I paid 200$ for the system and have already spent around 20 hours on it. Pretty satisfied with the battery life when not using the 3D, however when turned on the battery drains so fast! I had read that to fully charge a 3DS back it'd take around 3 hours? Wasn't the case for me, happened in like 1 hour but still bothersome when really into a dungeon or something.

Furthermore, the 3DS has a lot of promised software due in early December that I can't judge just yet but really looking forward to it. I've only downloaded one game from the DS store (Zelda Four Swords because it was free) but looking forward to download a lot more games when the classics really start rolling out. Already have my eyes on "Link's Awakening", just waiting to finish Ocarina of Time first and then maybe purchase Super Mario 3D Land.

Anyways, I don't think I'll regret my purchase until I finish all the games I still have to play on this system. A few more RPGs, maybe a Pokemon or another Zelda will definitely make this system a must-buy. Until then I'm happy with OoT and SML 3D. I feel like I'm only going to be using this system for a total of 10 games in its lifestyle while the Vita will be my go to for games that come cross-handheld.

Would I recommend a 3DS? Only if you have the money to spare and are a big Nintendo fan. Can't wait to spend more time on it!


New desire to review

Hey first of all, long time no blogged, I have been going through forums and studying a lot for my final exams and that stopped me from investing time in completing wiki tasks or writing forums. Well this is my official return to the website in force. I now have a lot more free time and will be moving back to Canada soon which will mean I get to spend a lot of time playing and relaxing.  
This leads me to my next point, I live in the Netherlands and am good friends with the owner of a shop that sells toys and video games. This perk allows me to acquire a lot of games pretty early. I decided to use this as a tool to write reviews early too. I got L.A. Noire about a week before it actually came out and I think I had Gears of War 2 about 1 week and a half before release. For example, yesterday morning I was able to get Red Faction Armageddon and Hunted: The Demon's Forge. I finished Red Faction last night and played some more today before starting to write a review for it. That's my main aim from now on, write reviews. I know they won't be as good and Jeff's or any other Giantbomb crew but I will still try my best to convey what I though about the game and why it should be bought or ignored. I personally always enjoy User Reviews because they give me a different insight on the game in question from people that aren't necessarily veterans in review writing. 
My review of Red Faction: Armageddon should be up in an hour or two and I will start working on completing Hunted to post a review too. 
Anyways, take care everyone :)


Why Bioware why? Dragon Age 2 minor *SPOILERS*

Hey peeps, 
I just finished Dragon Age 2, around 30 minutes ago so the experience is very fresh. Already I have complaints against it. 
First of all, the game is great so even though I might sound harsh in some aspects of it, don't blame the entire game, it was a fun experience. I finished the game in 2 sittings with a completion time of 17 hours. The addictive characteristics associated to Bioware games is still very present. 
Now on to my main complaint. I have been waiting for this game ever since DA:O. I have played Awakening and couldn't wait to jump back in. What I found was different mechanics and looks which I accepted and enjoyed. However, the ending and leading up to the end was way too sudden. It almost seems like they ran out of time to finish the game properly so slammed a few shortcuts in the story and closed it. I have got the achievement for finishing it twice (finish it once if you have a Dragon Age Origins save file) so I have no intention at all to come back to it. I feel kinda robbed to be honest, While 17 hours is a good time for a game, I have finished it in less than 2 days! I have finished Mass Effect 2 quite a few times and enjoyed doing so in order to see how the story would end up due to different actions but the results of the actions in this game are so evident that I have no incentive at all to try differently. i usually play my choice-driven games twice, first playing as a good guy and then as a badass but now I know straight away how the game would end if I played it badass, too predictable.  
The end was also the most disappointing ending to come from a Bioware game. I have played all of Bioware's choice-driven games and this one is the only one that got me staring at the credits wondering if there was any way to make the game continue. The ending is so abrupt that I can't really tell if it's supposed to be a cliff-hanger. Seriously, you just leave and are never seen again? A threat is rising and you're needed but they can't find you...CREDITS! Meh. 
Anyways the game seemed more like a rental to me, my 60 euros could have been spent elsewhere. Hoping that the next Dragon Age closes up some questions or that DLC comes out really quickly explaining a few things about the ending. 
In a way this blog post can be seen as a review so even though the ending was miserable, the overall content and quality of the game gives it (in my opinion) an 8 out of 10. 
So for all the avid Bioware fans out there, any comments on the ending? Am I missing something?


Toronto vs. Boston

Hello Giantbomb! Hope everything is good with you all. I'm going to university (hopefully) next year and have a dilemma between two cities: Boston and Toronto. I'm Canadian but lived in Montreal for 15 years before moving to the Netherlands for the past 4 years. In your opinion which is a better city to live in as a student? I'm currently 19 and am looking for a mainly chill city with lots to do. I'd also like a sport centric city, the thing is that I love Ice Hockey mainly and hate both the Bruins and the Maple Leafs (I'm a Montreal Canadiens fan) so was wondering do those cities actually care about it? Or can't I wear my jersey outside for example? 
I applied to Suffolk University and the University of Toronto. Academic wise I think Toronto has the advantage but yeah my question is as a living city. 
Thanks and let's not start a Canada vs U.S.A war :P