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Going through Armageddon 0

Before I start talking about Red Faction Armageddon, it is important to note that I have not finished the previous Red Faction, I have completed the PS2 games but never got to finish Guerilla. I have played about half way through and got distracted by whatever game came out next. This however should not affect my review greatly, I’ve read about the story of Guerrilla and have caught up with it. Red Faction Armageddon is a third person shooter with a lot of mechanics involving destruction of...

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Cleaning the City of Angels 1

L.A. Noire has been called many things such as GTA:1947 but the thing I haven't heard which seems more appropriate now is "Major contender to Game of the Year 2011/past ten years". L.A. Noire keeps the name of Rockstar Games high up with the best, not really knowing what to expect from it I started it steadily but found myself playing the game without any pauses.L.A. Noire has this special thing so many games thrive for: a reason to go forward. While the story is divided in different sub-plots (...

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Something to say? 1

Amazing.... My jaw dropped every minute because of this game. Is it real? Can a game be that good? I didn't believe it how addicted I was when I first played on my friend's gamecube....When it came to PS2, I ate it! I didn't like the other RE that much but this one ruled! Amazing graphics, addicting gameplay The ones who played this game and then say it's so-so are @$$holes. So if you have a PS2 or a gamecube what are you doing? Instead of reading run to a game shop near your house and buy this...

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A lovely adventure through Hyrule.... 2

Hum! To begin let's just say I'm still playing it tough I Won the game a million times ( 3 actually). So you begin the game asking yourself what to do, grab the shield and the sword and go save the Deku Tree. See! Instant action in less than 30 minutes! You'll have a lot of fun with this classic! Easy temples? No way! How many guys have you guys (or girls) swore during the Water Temple? A great storyline, gameplay, sound...etc. It's the best game ever trust me even tough we are in 2006 and it ca...

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Xbox Owners know this game well. 0

First, I got to say that Xbox Live owners only should get this game because of it's multiplayer. Because the single-player campaign is finish within a day. If you want a challenge try the highest difficulty mode, you'll have quite a challenge trust me. I was so disappointed by this game at first because the story doesn't follow exactly after Halo is destroyed and you never get to go to Earth. When I watched the ending I thought it was a joke, because the credits showed up after 10 hours of gamep...

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Guild Wars Fan will be pleased. 0

First of all I want to say I'm a big Guild Wars Fan. This one is more PvP (Player Vs. Player) than PvE (Role Playing). I loved the first one and this one too but if you're searching for a long experience you should buy the first one. Guild Wars owners will definetly want to buy this. But this one has a sort of training in the beginning (that you can skip). And this game fits with all the computers you just need a 32 MB video card to play it! So play the first one and if you like it you will sure...

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Awesome Conclusion to Sora's story 1

I am A Real Kingdom Hearts Fan and I've waited for years for the second one to come out.... And I'm still playing, the game is perfect except for one thing....LOADING TIMES!!!!! Most of the time your screen is black or white between two cutscenes. The gameplay improved a lot, the graphics too. A long but useful tutorial of three ours with Roxas helps too. The camera is really good if you know how to use it, not like Kingdom Hearts 1.And what about the Gummi Ship you say? I hated the first game G...

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