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I currently own both PS3 and 360, and I am really lost on what to do next, my biggest concern is the ram breakdown. I wish someone with a much greater understanding than me would explain the useable difference between the machines, DDR5 with 8g using 1g for os and the other DDR4 with 8g using 3g for os......with the CLOUD!!!!!. With Jeff's great explanation of the use of the CLOUD via E from Microsoft, I find it really hard to believe that the answers to all the comments regarding computing power is the cloud. If you look back through the remarks made by M$ through the launch and E3, the CLOUD will make games look better with all of the hard work being done in the CLOUD.....but now I can play offline so now no CLOUD, does this mean the stuff being done in the Cloud is not being done anymore????

“And finally, game developers can take advantage of our worldwide, multi-data center infrastructure to drive direct game computation”

MARC WHITTEN – Xbox One Launch Event

A call for help from a gamer lost in the CLOUDs……………