Community Quests need to be rethought

Look, I love the quest system, it's fantastic fun and an easy way to while away a couple hours on a slow day. And really, I think the last two sets we've got have been alright actually. However, the problem is that ideally, they are meant to be completed slowly. Unfortunately, both of these quests have been community challenges, incentivizing users to complete them in less than a week in exchange for extra XP. This creates people who really want to finish the quest fast, when neither of them were designed for speed. 1000 profile views in a week is a lot for anyone who's not a mod or staff member. Every active member of the site will reach it at some point, but trying to do it in a week is ridiculous and just promotes gaming the system.
Really, the only thing that needs to be changed is: if a quest is designed for slow burn, don't attach a community challenge to it, as it can actually sour a lot of people on what is not a bad quest. Alternatively, put the challenge numbers lower so that it's at least somewhat achieveable- we had no chance last week and there's no chance this week so the only result was annoying the shit out of any users unfortunate enough to join that week. The community challenges are nice, but they shouldn't be attached to certain sets.
ALSO WE NEED GUIDE QUESTS (and I need profile views).