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Campaign netcode is different from MP netcode, which is why you may get lag in Firefight but not elsewhere.

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They're Burger King toys, I remember them from when I was little. They each came in their own pokeball which had a button you could press to open it, and the card was displayed inside, along with a little certificate of authenticity. I think they only produced one set though, so you probably have most all of them. Think they were made to tie into the first Pokemon movie if I remember correctly.
I probably still have mine in a closet somewhere.

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It's currently impossible to add new authors to a private guide because the search field is searching the wiki database instead of the member list. Should be easy enough to fix. Here's a screenshot:

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@Fish_Face_McGee said:
" Something to keep in mind is that they're rewriting parts of Fall of Reach, The Flood, and First Strike, that will likely include references to the events of Reach and create better unity between all of the stories (games and books). "
Fall of Reach reissue already came out with no reference to this stuff. First Strike could go through some more serious revisions to account for the new version of the Battle of Reach presented in the game, but if they didn't alter FoR for stuff like the Pillar being planetside when the attack happened I'm not sure how much they'll change First Strike.
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@Kanji: Emile's also Marlo from The Wire
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I brought a full rocket launcher with me in anticipation of that encounter. It's do-able without that, but you have to play it real conservative. I recommend picking up the Armor Lock so you can survive the Fuel Rods if the hunters shoot at you. Make sure you pick off all the skirmishers before engaging the hunters. Usually Emile will draw one off, leaving you to duel the other. There is a shotgun outside the entrance to that area which I recommend taking- shotgunning the Hunters in the back does significant damage. There are also two frag grenades outside that area which are useful.
Overall just BE CONSERVATIVE, try to separate the Hunters and only fight them one on one.

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@Sir_Ragnarok said:
" @Capum15: Huh. I haven't read anything beyond First Strike. They sent the SPARTAN-II's to Onyx as well? That seems like a misallocation of resources to me (not arguing with you, but with the fiction). Wouldn't they want a few on Earth, like, just in case? Since that's the prized jewel of the human race?   Is it ever clear how many S-III's are alive after the destruction of Reach? They seem like they can really hold their own in a fight. Which is kind of a tangential point--the Spartans in the game seem damned-near invincible where the Spartans in the books are kind of frail. A weird disconnect.  Again, that's a part of the fiction I haven't really explored very deeply. I might pick up the post-First Strike books and see how it all ties together. "
Spartan-III Gamma Company deploys shortly after the battle of Reach, about 300 strong. All other Spartan-IIIs gave been wiped out on suicide missions or assigned to special ops squads at that point.
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Click your avatar

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It's possible your TV has it's dynamic motion (something like that, can't remember the exact name) on, which can result in severe blurring like that. There was some blur during the beta I remember but that was fixed for ship, so it seem likely it's your TV.
Then again I have yet to see the game running on my TV so maybe it is just a weird bug in the game.

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    ugh really wish I hadn't seen that level select screen