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Locations I would like to have a crazy gunfight in

First person shooters are popular. We get it. People like shooting stuff. Unfortunately they all seem to be set in the exact same places. Seriously, I've been through enough Unnamed Middle-Eastern Countries, I could make a whole new planet. Here's a list of interesting or visually iconic places I would love to shoot my way through. OR shoot my way through more often.

List items

  • I love big huge places like this when they're near-abandoned, and stadiums even provide pretty standard sightlines and geometry. You could have sniper battles across the field, shotgun through the more industrial passages inside, maybe gead to club level and shoot out some glass. These places are surprisingly unique and varied.

  • Two words. Trench warfare.

  • Balcony-to balcony warfare, crazy background music, elevated sightlines, rich people running for their lives... perfect.

  • I hear Dead-Space had a couple zero-gee sections, but this is something I'd really like to see more of. It coud be absolutely awesome if done right.