So apparently Disney learned how to make games

Recently I picked up the Toy Story 3 game for my 360 mainly because the Toy Box mode looked cool and was pleasantly surprised when I found that the whole game is pretty cool if i do say so myself this is probably one of the best movie video games of  all time, OF ALL TIME. I also gave Split Second a whirl and that too is a great spectacle of a game the competitive racing formula has been infused with explosive action, get it? some find the explosions are cool until they are used on you which can be annoying but the game does a good job of keeping me within range of the other drivers when i start to eat fire balls and being able to crash a plane into the dude infront of me is really quite satisfying and I can't tell you how many times in Forza i've wanted to blow up that red car in first. The biggest flaw with it oddly is being in first because the reason this game sticks out is the explosions and while being in first I can't kill anything but all things considered these two Disney Interactive titles are worth playing. This probably should've been a review but I felt I didn't have enough to say about each game to give a helpful review.