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It's an oddly compelling story, with not much gameplay and some great atmosphere at times 1

What constitutes as a game? In 'Gone Home', you can walk around and click on things but are these controls just an afterthought to a story the developer wanted to tell? Why, in this medium, is it important to tell this story? I suspect that indie games are the new 'cool' thing, so maybe this was a way to cash in on a growing niche market as well as a massive social debate. The lone gameplay mechanic this game has which I wish other games would adopt is the ability to put an item back in the same...

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Terrific atmosphere in an overall boring, and somewhat buggy, game 1

On the exterior, The Last of Us couldn't be more different from Naughty Dog's other successful franchise, Uncharted. Unfortunately, their differences are only skin deep. While the emphasis on The Last of Us is a stealth-based fighting approach, it doesn't have the sound mechanics that other franchises such as Hitman, Splinter Cell, and Metal Gear Solid have had the time to perfect. Instead, Naughty Dog have simply littered the game world with chest-high cover, arranged in highly noticeable paths...

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