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Best Game of 08?

In your opinion, what was the best game of 2008(or worded better, what was your favorite game of 08)? I would choose Chrono Trigger DS. I know it is a remake(I played the original), but the game was just as entertaining playing it again as was the first time I picked it up. Nothing was taken out, but things were added into it(videoclips, a new ending [rumor], a new dungeon, and a monster trainer). Square-Enix made a good move by remaking it. Now, if only they would do that with some of their othe backtitled games(Seiken Denetsu 3, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve series, Xenogears, etc).

If it was an original IP, then I would say LittleBigPlanet. It used the PS3 in a way that no one(at the time) thought about using it as. You would expect a game like that on the PC.


A New Change?

Does anyone think it is time for Microsoft to make Xbox Live totally free? The PS3 and Wii have free online capabilities(with the PS3's friends list similar to the 360's). For the PS3, the only thing you pay for is the content one would wish to use(such as movies, DLC, etc), which is the same as Live. The Wii is also free(just no downloading music and movies), but you can download games or other features off their online server.

Also, both the PS3 and the Wii allow for the owner to go on the internet. Personally, I thought Microsoft would do something like that first, but even if they did not do that first, they still have not done it yet. I could see them charging for internet usage, but not having it at all by now is quite surprising.

With the rise of Playstation Network members, should Microsoft change their way of Live? Sony and Nintendo do offer some things that would seem so(web capabilities for free). Should they combine Silver and Gold and just have one Liver version? I guess it is what they want to do with it.


Bad Rep

I'm not being biased for the 360, but I just don't get how people say that if you buy a 360, it will just die on you when the PS3 does the same thing too. A friend of mine has a PS3 and a Wii, and his PS3 has just died a few days ago. The PS3 has the same problem(not the exact, but it does have hardware problems) like the 360. So why do PS3 owners(not all though) say that the 360 is the only one that is death-prone? This is another PS3 that a friend of mine that has become broken. I am definitely not saying that the 360 is not death-prone(that would be stupid on my part), but saying that the PS3 isn't is not too great either.


Finally! A new Wii game I actually want!

Square-Enix has finally commented that Dragon Quest X will be heading to the Wii! I was pretty surprised by this move, but wasn't too taken back by it(since DQ9 is being released for the DS). I wonder if this will affect the game's quality.
What do you all think about it?


Progress Thus Far

I must say that the overall progress of this generation of consoles has been pretty good. The DS and Wii have been selling at a very high rate(which seems to be steadily increasing every day), and the 360 and PS3 are bringing in innovative things with their online features. At the second anniversary of the release of the Playstation 3 and Wii, how has the progress been since their launch? It varies, depending on the console and what one would define as progress.

Starting hard with the Playstation 3, I must say its progress has been phomominal since it was released as a $600 console. I think every gamer knows that the price was the main reason why its sales were not very good at the start. While cheap for a Blu-ray player, gamers felt that Sony wanted to make it more of a media device than a gaming console. With games being priced at $60 a pop, gamers had to evaluate every game that they are remotely interested in for their console.
At the start of the launch, the PS3 did not have too many games worth its price. Now, one may accuse me of being biased, but I assure you that I view all 3 consoles in the same light. The games that it did have were mainly

A. Multiplatformed
B. Were delayed and scheduled for a later release
C. Sucked

Not many of its launched games were in category C, but a couple of them were, such as the dreaded Lair.

Remember this 'promised game'?
Remember this 'promised game'?

Lair had a good initial concept and looked great at previews, but when gamers got to play it, well let's say the reviews showed the quality of the game. Some of the games that were in category A had a few issues such stating as frame rate(Madden) with the developer just stating it without an attempt of fixing it. Now fast-forward to right now and how are the sales of it? Much better than 2 years ago. With Sony dropping the price of a model to $399, gamers on the fence before will buy it for the major cut and with the release of amazing games.

With many non-Sony fans teasing the PS3 owners of little to no first party exclusives at first, now, they have bit back their tongues with no rebuttal. Starting off the first party dance with Resistance: Fall of Man, PS3 owners were pleased to have a quality FPS(and game in general) to have as their own. Resistance dramatically increased the online activity for the console, and increased sales for the console. We all know that did not stop there. When Heavenly Sword was released, gamers scrambled to pre-order this, seeing it as a waiting game for God of War 3. While the story was very short, it did increase the PS3's sales and started to make gaming journalist realize that the PS3 is just getting started.
While that was enough to satisfy the mouths of PS3 owners, one massive game was just waiting for its time to pounce. That game was Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot.
A game must be really important and good if it made 360 owners claim that Kojima will release the exclusive onto the 360 after the PS3 release. The game made the sales of the PS3 skyrocket around the world, and nearly allowing it to over-take the Wii for a few weeks.
 Since that release, the PS3 has not been backing        down, especially with the released of Little big Planet. So how far has the PS3 advanced? By 10 miles than its initial release, and with the good exclusives still in the works, this console is not backing down anytime soon.

A question one would ask oneself is: What is progress in gaming? Is progress tracked by how many units a developer sells, or by the quality of the units? This has everything to do with the Wii. Since its release, the Wii has been selling like hotcakes or tickets to a screening of Twilight(why I added this analogy, I do not know). The Wii has one problem however, and that is quality games.

While a Wii owner myself, I keep reading my Game Informer, looking for upcoming games to play for it. The number I get at the end of the day is zero. The games(save a few) are horrable to a hardcore gamer. While one has Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, Brawl,  and Mario Kart Wii, that's it. You are not getting a good(or even decent) game after game with this console, but games for children(if Disney's Sing It is for you, that's ok if it is your thing, but it should not be a main priority game that has commercials running at all hours on TV).
The Wii is the electric version of "How to get into gaming for Dummies". Now I may sound harsh, but Wii Fit was a terrible idea(I think you all can all agree with me on that). Nintendo has a great catalog of first party IPs to use(Earthbound, Donkey Kong, etc), but they are ignoring these titles to focus on games that appeal to people that haven't picked up a controller in their life. To me, this is how Jack Thompson wanted gaming to be like, and I hate it. I know that casual gamers are a big money source, but when you are
placing quality behind quantity, that makes you lose your fanbase. Nintendo has a loyal fanbase that every gamer, no matter which console they own, is a part of and Nintendo should not dump them to the curb for people who will only play the game for ten minutes. Nintendo should realize that they are insulting their fans by releasing games like Wii Music instead of working on a new Star Fox game(seriously, when is this happening?).

Now the Wii does have some good points about it. The Virtual Console allows gamers who missed out on great games of the past can now experience them in their full glory(such as Super Mario RPG and Orcarina of Time). The Miis is a funny idea which has caught the eye of Microsoft, making them pretty popular. The little features like the wheather and news channel make for a good update before one goes outside. The internet feature is the selling point, which is only found of the Wii.

Overall how has both consoles progressed so far? Great for the PS3, and the Wii's progress varies on the gamer, but I guess since it brought people together and create a few new gamers, I would say good too. I just hope all 3 consoles keep on going to feed our gaming hunger for years to come. Now, it is a great time to be a gamer(even though it already has been for years)!

New books

I have been having connection issues, so I could not go on for a week and a half. I have picked up some new books though.

1. Dracula

I vant to suck your blood! Kidding. The book is pretty good. Not scary at all, but more fascinating. It is interesting to see the changes of the vampire lore from Stoker's time to modern time. I also like the diary type chapters.

2 & 3: Star Wars: Darth Bane and Darth Bane: The Rule of Two

I have not read these books yet, since I am still reading Dracula, but they seem really good. I am interested in one of Star Wars' major characters that have not been in any other media outside of novels.

4 & 5: Mass Effect Revelation and Ascension

Thank you!! I've been looking for that series for a long time, but I just found it for a good price. The writer of these books is the same for the Bane series novels also. I know that the books have nothing to do with Commander Shepard or his/her party.

I will not try to catch up with you guys and your blogs and the gaming news I have missed.

Also, I need to start making my Christmas list. The game that will definitely be on there will be Chrono Trigger DS.


I finally got it!!

I got the game Thursday, and I've been playing it ever since. The game is really good, with the single player(Tour mode). I have a few complaints on some of the tracks, but they do fit the rank they are in. I suck badly on drums, but they are incredibly fun to use. The mic is easy, but I hate to sing though. I'm that shy. For anyone on the fence on which one to buy, I would recommend this over World Tour, only because of the issues with Guitar Hero: World Tour's instruments(note: if you have a 360, you can use RB2's instruments with GH:WT, and vice-versa. The PS3 is suppose to have this feature, but owners of both who try to do this ran into some compatibility issues).

If I had to rate my skills on each instrument, it would be like this:

Out of 5

Mic- 3/5

Guitar- 4/5

Drums- 2.5/5

Favorite songs(so far):

1. Let There Be Rock- AC/DC(even though I don't do well on the opening riff)

2. Down with the Sickness- Disturbed

3. Livin on a Prayer- Bon Jovi

4. Come Out and Play(Keep them Separated)- Offspring

5. Pinball Wizard- The Who

I think I might put COD4 down for awhile now. I will still be playing Earthbound though.



t's been awhile since my last bog(well maybe not that long, but long for me). I've been busy with school and trying to raise my Algebra 2 grade. I have a new game and will be getting another in two weeks. The game I got was:

So far, it's pretty difficult, especially those Sharks(a group of thugs in the game). For those who do not remember this game, or have not heard of it, you already know the main character of the game(especially if you have played Super Smash Brothers Melee or Brawl). I really like the dark humor throughout the game. I wish Nintendo revives this franchise and release it outside Japan.

The second game I will be getting is

The main reason is that the legendary J-metal band X Japan, will be in the 20 free DLC songs, so I was sold! I hope L'arc~en~Ciel will a DLC sometime in the future.


New DS Features

I would not mind more media capabilities in the DS. While already a great system with many owners, adding some media features such as music playback would be pretty neat to have. The DS would also need a harddrive for it though, or it could be an external harddrive made by Nintendo.

With a harddrive, Nintendo could also allow developers to make DLC for the games produced on the system. This would add more replayablility in the game and Nintendo would make some more cash on the side. The content could also be themed backgrounds for your DS or a new interface. Video playback would be nice, but I think the dual screens would be an issue with watching a movie.

With the DS, Nintendo has many ideas they could do with it and greatly profit from the ideas also. If they listen to the ideas of the gamers who own a DS, they could rake in some serious cash.

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