It's been a long time since a post

That Hurricane(Ike) was stronger than what the media stated it was before it landed. Luckily, everyone in my neighborhood was unharmed. We were without power for 3 days, so instead of staying, my family and I went to San Antonio. It was fun there; despite what had happened days ago. I went to the Riverwalk, saw a free Blues concert, and got 2 games. I didn't bring my comp, which is why I wasn't on for awhile. The power is now on(we SA left when we found out it was on), and when I got home, I was able to play one of the two I got for my birthday.

The games are:

The Force Unleashed

Tales of Vesperia

I will purchase Dragon Quest 4 DS tomorrow, if the Gamestop around me is open.

My school district told us that school will begin next week. Free time with my 360.

Even though I have 3 tests when we come back.

My impression of TFU is brief, but it's a pretty good game if you are a Star Wars fan. Other than that, I would recommend renting first. The twist in the middle of the game isn't too exciting or surprising if not, unnecessary. If anyone remembers when the developers said that there will be multiple endings depending on the choices you make, I'll just candidly tell you that they lied. The plot is so linear, that I thought I was almost done with the game. There are several cheap combos that both you and your opponent can do to each other. The only reason I died multiple times is that the enemies would do continuous combos before you could get up. Also, you don't start with all the powers that you did in the demo. Other than that, the game is alright. The gameplay is fun and the physics is entertaining also.

Not as hard as it looks.
Not as hard as it looks.

In my next blog, I will give an impression of Tales of Vesperia.

I also made an account on The site is alright, but could be better. My only complain is the time limit on some songs. When I'm into a song, I get upset when it cuts off.

In other music news, I have been trying to learn the guitar. I learned the solo of 7 Nation Army. I made a few edits to my version of the song, because the tab doesn't seem right on note placement.

If you do not know the song, then here is the video:


Force Your Way Through

I've been waiting for a week for the demo of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed(the demo is out for the PS3 and 360 today). You start at the second level(the first being with Vader on Kashyyyk) and play with Starkiller(main character). Up to the end of the demo, the game moves well. Unfortunately, you don't complete your mission because the demo ends before you even get close to the target. The gameplay progresses well(I won't go in detail since you can DL the demo now. This is an impression of it). The main problem with the game/demo is the timed button pressing. I was playing on the second difficulty. While not hard, the final battle you have makes you frustrated since when the timed pressing comes up, it expects you to press it in less than a second(not exaggerating). While I still want the game, that will make me frustrated in boss fights. Other than that, it looks promising.


In other news, I start school in 4 days. I don't want to go back now. Too many games I want to play that I haven't beat yet.

Infinite Undiscovery is coming out in one week! I can't wait!!

I have started working on my game design document again(stopped to play COD4). I have also picked up Lost Odyssey again, and I'm only 2 bosses away from beating it. I'm doing most of the sidequests now(the boss ones).

Finish Him!!
Finish Him!!

  A question though: Would you like to see Guitar Hero/Rock Band series have more of a detailed storyline, or would you like it to remain the same?


Thinking Outside of the Box

I have just recently bought The Orange Box. I must say that the game deserves all the hype it gets. I have started Half Life 2 and Portal, with the latter being my main interest now. Portal must of been a killer to program, but whatever engine they used for it(I assume the Havok or The Source engine) it paid off in the end. Both games force the player to manipulate the game's physics. As for Half Life 2, you can start the game without any previous knowledge of the first Half Life game and still know what's going on in the game. I have to say that Valve is a great gaming company without any flaws.

front cover
front cover

One of the games that I really want to get, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, is going to have its demo released on August 21. Even though Game Trailers shows all these gameplay vids of the game, I don't think all of that will be in the demo. So any Star Wars fans or interested gamers, get ready to download it. What is your guess on the size of the demo? I estimate 2 Gigs. I also think you will be playing the first level only. If the Blue Dragon demo taught us anything, don't show 40% of the game in the demo.

In other gaming news, I have finished the single player of Call of Duty 4. I did like the story unlike COD2(see previous blogs about my opinion on COD2). The multiplayer is very addicting. I'm level 23 now(haven't been caring about levels, just trying to do challenges), and I really like Domination and Headquarters the most. I'm also customizing my own classes. There is one I have that uses a sniper rifle with juggernaught. Overkill FTW!!!


For anyone who is a programmer fluent in C++, I have a question for you. What book will help me learn the language quickly? I really want to learn the program, but I need a book to help me learn. I have tried the internet, but each is different and uses different programs than the one I have. I really like learning a program, so I do want to learn the right way. Can you tell what books you used or books that you recommend me buying.

I was at Borders bookstore the other day and I saw a guide to game design. It covers nearly everything that goes through the development of a game. I looked at the designer part of it, and it's pretty accurate(it better be it's $50). A designer must do the concept(duh), level design(crap, I can't draw), music(that I can do), and a few more. I think that I have a ways to go to be a alright designer, but I'm glad I started trying to write my game ideas down now. I have started one that I will enter into Gamespot's Developer 4 a Day next year(I'm almost done), and after, I will start on another, just for myself to see, not for any contests. I wonder if Giantbomb will have a contest like that. I would enter it instead of GS'.

Also, another question. How much of an impact does music play into games in your opinion? Do you think some game scores could be on the Billboard Top 100?

Rank: Sargent Master Assassin

Strange rank, but it sounds cool. I made the rank up from the two games I'm playing(or was in one's case).

I finished Assassin's Creed. Good story, but the gameplay is so broken, you don't need stealth. The ending was very cryptic and screams for sequel, but Ubisoft said that they will not publish a sequel unless the sales for the game increase, which means, there will not be a sequel. If there was, it would take place in Japan.

I'm rotating between the single player of COD4 and the multiplayer. In single player, I just finished Captain Price's memory sequence. In Multiplayer, I'm level 10, which is Sargant(hence the title of the blog). I have to say that it's really fun. Yeah, I do run into jerks, but overall, it's pretty fun.If you want to play me, my gamertag is in this profile.

I also played a demo of the game Braid. If you don't know what it's about, think Super Mario brothers, but with puzzle pieces. It seems good, but the 1200 MS points($15) makes it a questionable buy, since 1600 MS points are $20, I don't want to spend nearly all of the points for just one game. Once I get some MS points, they're going towards the COD4 maps, GH3 packs(not all), and Mass Effect DLC.


The cutting of the Mana Tree

I think that the Mana series has taken a dramatic left turn to Trash City. The older installments were really good, each one had a good fantasy story, with pretty good gameplay(for the time). I mean, Square(at the time) was know for 2 main series on the NES and SNES: the Final Fantasy and Mana series. Now, with Square's main focus on the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest/Warrior series, the Mana series has been pushed aside, which means less time to make a good story. The games released now for the series are less than pale imitations of its predeccessors. I just hope in the future, Square remembers this series and brings it back to its former glory.


First Impressions update

NOTE: I pretty much just copied&pasted this from my Gamespot blog, but it does have a few tweaks.

I got Assassin's Creed and COD4 yesterday. I started AC first. Problem is that the game was used and it was scratched up along with a few smudges. The guy said that was the best used copy, but he gave me a 30 day warranty. I went back today, and got a very cleaned copy. It's working fine now.

I haven't started it yet since I was chatting with one of my friends on LIVE. He's not on GS or Giantbomb, so you probably won't know him, but he's pretty cool. He just found out about adding songs to your HDD. He asked me about doing the same with movies on blank DVDs, but I didn't know(haven't tried it yet. If you know if you can do this, please tell me in the blog).
My friend is Waid19. If you have Forza 2(or Fusion Frenzy I forget ), or The Orange Box, you should add him. He's around my age, but he's just as mature as I.

Soul Calibur 4 is out. It looks good, but I'm satisfied with COD4 and AC so far. Geometry Wars 2 is also out, but I'm declining because the co-op is not online(they mislead us).Activision is thinking of taking out a few of their new IPs. They just might cancel Wet, and the Ghostbusters game might go to another publisher is worse come to worse.

I'm going to go see The Dark Knight tomorrow. The Mummy 3 will have to wait for a few days. Now for the impressions: On the GS blog, I didn't give an impression of COD4 because at the time, I had yet to play it. Now after playing a few hours of it, I can finally do the impression.

COD4: Great FPS. The story is good for the genre, and the gameplay is, of course, top notch. If you don't now me very well(most of you probably don't unless you were on GS and paid attention to my game impressions or game opinions) you would now that I did not like COD2. In fact, I hated the game. The gameplay was alright, but the story progressed too quickly without giving any background info on the 3 characters you play as(you start as a Russian soldier, then Britiannian, then American). In COD4 however, the story checks up on the other characters after awhile, so you won't be asking yourself, "What happened to Private Jackson after that **insert event here**?" The annoying thing comes from the controls, where to ru you must click the left analog stick. It's very uncomfortable and unnecessary. Most FPS attach the running movement to one of the Triggers(mainly the Right Trigger). It's more accessible and comfortable than pressing the left analog stick. Other than that, the game is good. I have yet to try the multiplayer yet, but I will after finishing the single player.

Assassin's Creed:Good game so far. The gameplay mechanic is alright, but it feels like I'm holding a button down too hard to do something(if I do it lighter, it will do something else). The story is intruiging. I found it interesting that at the beginning of the disc's activation, they have a warning saying thatthe game was made by a diverse staff of different beliefs. I know why they did it, but it sounds like something you would see before watching a news channel. I'm digressing. The story is good. I won't spoil anything, but you are a puppet master of sorts.

I think I might make a review of COD4 first, then AC.

My Opinion

I think the site is great. It's a mix of wikipedia and Gamespot's forum. Allowing the members to contribute to the site improves the activity, which also promotes recommendations, which means more members and a bigger community. The only thing I have against it is that the moderations are a little slow, but it's gotten better. I would like to recommend  allowing users to post videos of the games(like a trailer, a review, gameplay, etc).


Giantbomb impressions

After being on Giantbomb for two days(after today, it will be three days), here is my impression on the site.

For a site that opened a few days ago, this site is organized in the places a sites needs to be. The new releases, games, and the content like the reviews are organized very well, and unlike Gamespot, the reviews are FAIR!!! Yeah, that was a burn, but it's true.

The wikipedia-like idea is a great attraction to others and to be credited if they approve your submissions makes it even better. This site is more of a members-creation than GS, which is great.

The transition from sending a PM to a friend to waiting to finish an upload is relatively quick. On GS, the PMs are sent quick, but there is a delay time, while for this site, the delay time is cut short. I was talking about this with my friend Lightwarrior179 yesterday. There are a few loading times when changing pages due to the bandwith, but it gets better over time

So far, I give GB a 8.5/10. Once they get the site to what they intended, the site will own!:D

Now enjoy the kickass guitar playing of Androiddab covering the theme of Love from Metal gear Solid.


This is just badass! =D

Also, watch this cool "Magic Trick" I wonder how he makes it disappear. :P



First Blog

Hi guys. I'm, of course, new to I found out about this site from a friend and decided to join. For those of you from the other game site Gamespot, I'm Ipodhero176.  Here's a little bit about me.

Just like in my "About Me" page, I play a variety of games, but I often play RPGs(more specifically JRPGs). The current game I'm playing is Lost Odyssey(which I need to add to my 360 collection on GB). I just finish replaying Knights of the Old Republic after taking a break from LO. I am currently on Disc 4 of LO, training for the next boss fight. Since I'm almost finish with the game, I am now saving up for Rock Band(just $94.40 left to go!).

I am a big fan of Rock(classic and Jrock included) and metal. Some of my favorite bands are The Strokes, Metallica, Aerosmith, Nightmare, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Flow, Muse, and The Black Mages.

Other hobbies-
I'm very interested in computer programs such as C++ and Javascript. Currently, I am trying to learn C++, but it's not going so well. I always wanted to make my own game engine or just a unique program to call my own(like a new computer protection software) and share it with everyone. I also plan on becoming a game designer, and I have started on this road by creating my own game design documents for practice and to post the ideas from my head so I don't forget them later.

That's most of the things about me. If you have any questions or want to add me as your friend, just ask.

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