Giantbomb impressions

After being on Giantbomb for two days(after today, it will be three days), here is my impression on the site.

For a site that opened a few days ago, this site is organized in the places a sites needs to be. The new releases, games, and the content like the reviews are organized very well, and unlike Gamespot, the reviews are FAIR!!! Yeah, that was a burn, but it's true.

The wikipedia-like idea is a great attraction to others and to be credited if they approve your submissions makes it even better. This site is more of a members-creation than GS, which is great.

The transition from sending a PM to a friend to waiting to finish an upload is relatively quick. On GS, the PMs are sent quick, but there is a delay time, while for this site, the delay time is cut short. I was talking about this with my friend Lightwarrior179 yesterday. There are a few loading times when changing pages due to the bandwith, but it gets better over time

So far, I give GB a 8.5/10. Once they get the site to what they intended, the site will own!:D

Now enjoy the kickass guitar playing of Androiddab covering the theme of Love from Metal gear Solid.


This is just badass! =D

Also, watch this cool "Magic Trick" I wonder how he makes it disappear. :P