Rank: Sargent Master Assassin

Strange rank, but it sounds cool. I made the rank up from the two games I'm playing(or was in one's case).

I finished Assassin's Creed. Good story, but the gameplay is so broken, you don't need stealth. The ending was very cryptic and screams for sequel, but Ubisoft said that they will not publish a sequel unless the sales for the game increase, which means, there will not be a sequel. If there was, it would take place in Japan.

I'm rotating between the single player of COD4 and the multiplayer. In single player, I just finished Captain Price's memory sequence. In Multiplayer, I'm level 10, which is Sargant(hence the title of the blog). I have to say that it's really fun. Yeah, I do run into jerks, but overall, it's pretty fun.If you want to play me, my gamertag is in this profile.

I also played a demo of the game Braid. If you don't know what it's about, think Super Mario brothers, but with puzzle pieces. It seems good, but the 1200 MS points($15) makes it a questionable buy, since 1600 MS points are $20, I don't want to spend nearly all of the points for just one game. Once I get some MS points, they're going towards the COD4 maps, GH3 packs(not all), and Mass Effect DLC.