Played through a couple of DLC games over the weekend. It was pretty interesting to play through each one back to back cuz each one controlled so differently. But thankfully, my muscle memory made it easy to adapt...lol. No spoilers for the main games or the DLCs themselves so don't worry about it.

First, Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC (360). An interesting little story that teases what we can come to expect from ME3. But I was somewhat disappointed with it compared to previous DLCs that were released. It's only about an hour and 30 minutes long and most of it consisted of battles rather than story. The battles were fun and challenging but there's nothing really new or different about them. It's worth playing if you're hyped for ME3 and want some extra upgrades that are included with it. But compared to previous DLCs like Overlord and Shadow Broker, it pales in comparison to them.Still worth checking out for diehard fans.

Second, Dead Space 2: Severed DLC (360). A really cool sidestory that expands upon the Extraction story. If you haven't played Extraction, you should. Anyway, it felt a lot scarier than the main game for some reason to me. There were some really good scares in it. This is another fairly short game lasting about an hour and 30 minutes long as well. It added a lil bit of information to the DS lore and also teased what I can probably expect in any future spinoffs or sequels. It's worth checking out but you won't find anything new with it in terms of gameplay or setpieces. Worth checking out if you want more DS2 but from a different perspective.

Third, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC (360). This was a great addition to the AC Bro storyline. Not only does it feature some stellar gameplay and missions but it also features plenty of really cool information. It expands the ending of AC Bro really well and it also does a good job teasing what we can expect from its sequel. This was quite lengthy at around 3 hours long and none of it was filler. I probably could've finished it faster but I wanted 100% sync for all missions. After I mentioned that I finished the game on Twitter, I was informed that there was something I can look up from the ending information. My mind was blown. Anyway, great DLC that any AC fan should check out. But make sure to play it AFTER you finished the main story in the core game.

Finally, spent some time playing Back to the Future Parts 2 and 3 (Mac). Part 2 was fairly weak in terms of story and gameplay. Although I admit I loved the singing voice of Trixie Trotter's voice actress. But the rest of it was kinda blah in comparison to Part 1. Anyway, it was a nice setup for Part 3 which was pretty awesome. Not only was Part 3 totally unexpected in terms of its art design but the story was quite improved over the previous two chapters. It had better writing and a much more interesting twist. The cliffhangers were killer. Anyway, worth checking out. I can't wait to play Part 4 and see where it goes.

Alright, I promised some pick-ups posts but I'll do that next time.