A Little Bit Of: Awesomenauts


It may have been a bit self indulgent of me to include the intro to the start of this video, but seriously it's so dumb and ridiculously cool. I really like the music in Awesomenauts. It's appropriately dumb and insane and it gives some really nice personality to each of the heros without really needing other cues or giant text blurb, it does have the backstory but the music is the standout here. The heros also have some good differentiation between them so they play quite different roles on the battlefield. I'm rather enjoying playing Leon, he's very very fast so you can just run around the battlefield very quickly and just pop up behind your enemy and then be gone as soon as you've finished the stabbing.

Gameplay wise this is a really really approchable MOBA style game (can we come up with a less dumb acronym for this genre please) it doesn't have a lot of the fluff with like last hitting and denial that exist in something like Dota. Yes doing the killing blow on an enemy causes the money to go straight to you, but it still drops for you to pick up if aren't the last hitter. It's all about how you deal with the enemy team and killing the bots to put pressure on the enemy turrets. It makes for a less fiddly game than something like Dota and for Awesomenauts it makes for a rather excellent game.