A Little Bit Of: Splice

Sequences and Cells.

I had read a little bit about this game before I did this, but for the most part I tried to go in cold. So I played like 30 minutes and then started recording. I was expecting it to be a heck of a lot harder than it actually ended up being. For the most part you can figure stuff out just by trying random things and then just seeing how they pan out and from there see if any of those moves actually helped you to getting to the solution. The first 3 chapters you only need like 3 moves to solve so it's easy enough to do it but I expect this approach will become more and more useless as you get further into the game.

The thing I like most about Splice has to be the look and feel of the game, everything just feels so good. The controls are simple and the way that the cells snap and bounce to different parts on the level is great. The menus are worth noting because it's just fantastic, it obviously wouldn't work for everything, but for something that is as minimalistic as this game it just adds that nice touch.