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I waited too long to play this game... 0

I recently picked this game up and have since beaten it three times. The presentation is amazing. Great graphics, sound (original voice actors and good music), and gameplay. It is high speed robot crushing action sprinkled with a good story. The combo system is fairly simple by todays standards but I never got tired of it. I think I prefer the simplicity. The one thing that I had any issue with was the upgrade system. I didn't understand what I was doing until late in the game but it really didn...

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I finally gave it a chance. 0

Over a decade after purchasing this game (and hating it) I decided to give Blue Stinger a second chance. What I found was a fun survival horror game that did not take itself too seriously. It is basically what Dead Rising would be if it came out in 1999. Blue Stinger has random people in need of saving, silly weapons and clothing, tons (for the time) of enemies in your way, and cheesy situations. It makes me wonder if some of the Dead Rising developers had anything to do with Blue Stinger. If yo...

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