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Star Gate Universe

I am now on season 1, vol 2, ep 4 - i still feel like something is missing in this show... 
Love the concept, but the writing is a bit uneven - and some of the actors... well i just don't buy them.  
But for some reason i keep on watching - not sure why.


Forza Motorsport 3 - my embarrassing facts...

Was just sitting here enjoying a bit of Forza Motorsport 3 - when i started wondering about how strange it is that i do like this game.... 

  • I don't own a car.
  • Never took a drivers license (i'm 28).
  • Know  absolutely nothing about what happens under the hood of a car.
  • Have zero interest in cars IRL.
And then it dawned on my how much i in fact suck at this game.... 
  • Still have all assists on
  • Play on easy
  • Best result so far is in a Vauxhall.....
Well as long as i still have fun with it - but i should really raise the difficulty soon....  
Anyone else with equally embarrassing facts?

Modern Warfare - we hardly knew ya'

Is this the final nail in the coffin?[update]  
Does this go to show that it's the people, and not the studio that makes a game (well and maby a little bit the studios money...) ? 
I played MW2 ALOT - but when Bad Company 2 came out, i kindda lost the love for MW2 (even though the lobby in BC2 is far from perfect) - then i came to love BC2 in a way which i never quite felt for MW2 (I only refer to multiplayer here).
Okay got sidetracked there.... 
I would not be surprised if we within about a year, get some sort of teaser from some of the guys from the old team - but i'm very intrested in what kind of game they might have in mind?!  
^^ Love the name, and it seems like they might have EA money to back them up.  
I did a google chrome search on the name, and somewhere on Googles servers, there is a picture of either what ever is behind, or what ever was on the page before:   


No Caption Provided

First day with Xbox 360 (kindda)

A couple of years ago i had a Xbox 360 - but for some reason i got rid of it. 
Since then i've been on PS3/PC - not due to any fanboy reasons, it was just that way things were. 
Today i stumbled over a bundle in the local GAME here in Dublin - an Xb0x 360 Elite with Splinter Cell Conviction and Assassins Creed 2 for 249 Euro - a offer i could not resist. AC2 was swapped for Forza 3, because i already have it for my PS3 - and i could go home happy.  
Well home, and all the unpacking done - i remembered a few seconds after hitting the power button, how DAMN loud this thing is! But i also remembered how much better the X360 controller is compared to the one that comes with the PS3 (might just be me that have big hands?!) 
So far to day i have managed the following: 

  • Play the BLUR demo (Yep it blows!)
  • Play a bit of Forza 3 (Pretty cool so far)
  • Play a bit of Splinter Cell: Conviction (Cool game, but a bit sub par in the graphics department)
I will try to update my journey down the X360 path as often as possible. I doubt i will throw my PS3 Slim out, but i hope the black jet engine from Redmond, might prove itself worthy to stay!