Far beyond the most disappointing games of 2012

Games That nearly pushed me over the edge of depression into a dark path to welcoming the grave. Maybe that's a bit too much. At any rate, These let me down in various ways. Grab your whiskey, and a shotgun ... HERE WE GO!

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  • (No Spoilers) ACII and Brotherhood have better gameplay, Better story, Better features, And better everything really. The best character in the game is barely in the game. Almost every character in this game is bland, poorly acted, You will know barely anything about most of them that you would want to know, And by the end you really won't give a shit about anything going on. The side projects in this game are useless as hell. Glitches and weirdness only seal the deal. As a side note when you beat the game you can find "Hacks" that would be fun if they didn't completely disable the save system and negate any usefulness they may of had.

  • Best 2 games. Couldn't of fucked it up more. Well you could of, But it would of been tough. It's been patched kind of... Well for half of you. Some of the things they tinkered with as well. What a shit show.

  • This may sound odd. But I am a big Psygnosis fan, I am also a big Wipeout fan. It's pretty hard to make something I won't like as I am unashamed of my fan boy-esq love of the game. However, I went to check out this magical Vita everybody was talking about. This maybe one of the worst times I've had with a console in my life. Load times from a cart that make some of the load times on WiiU Seem down right speedy. Five or Six hard locks. Then a sub par game to boot. I honestly think any of the other titles are better. Man,I left that store wishing I hadn't even seen the vita in the corner.

  • Alright so, I loved ME, ME2 I played them a little too much. The T2 robot monster at the end of 2 was laughable at best, It also was a signal to me not to get 3. I kept seeing all these game play vids, I didn't like that they were focusing more on action. As I may of played more of ME than 2, I liked 2 a lot more but, also wished some of those systems carried over. I may someday play the ME 3 GOTY : we fixed it ver. 2015 if I'm still alive. I highly doubt it. The ending kerfuffle just sealed the deal that I didn't need to waste money on this.

  • I am about the biggest ridge racer fan you will find. I have played more ridge racer games, And put in more time into each game then any sane human should. I rented this popped it into the machine. That lasted 10 minutes. I gave it another 20 to try to win me over. I sent it back.

  • This maybe one of the best idea's with the most potential of any game this year. What we got was a buggy horrid mess. Filled with time outs, And everybody telling me it's a good game strictly because it was authored by capcom. If this wasn't in part street fighter, And it wasn't Capcom. People would of shit all over this game even more then they already do. It also maybe one o the most boring fighting games I have watched being played. Here's hoping ver. 2013 fixes all the issues. YEAH FUCKING RIGHT!

  • There's a point in FEZ were I was kind of just being a dip shit and enjoying myself. I enjoyed the music, The graphical style, Even the little bit of mystery, And narrative. I don't think this is a bad game. But about half way through the game. It tries to either A: Make you into a amateur cryptographer. or B: Go search for the info and just become the lamest data entry guy to get trinkets of fan fair music or puzzle pieces. I guess everybody had a startling "AH HA!" moment with this game where the stars aligned, Everything made sense, And the game opened up like a girlfriend on prom night. This did not happen for me at all, And playing a game that I have to either decipher the puzzle meaning by translating a made up language or stop every ten feet to look up the solution online became less a game, and more a chore I didn't care to complete.

  • I like the dev. I like the concept. I like RE. I like all this in theory. How did this turn out so fucking bad?

  • The best game that ever could be... ever? nope completely middle of the road DLC crap. Such high hopes. (I thought this was last year if so I got like 20 more games I didn't care for that can take it's place, this year sucked for games ya'll!)

  • This is at the bottom because, I honestly love it. I hate what happened to it. I feel bad for everybody like me that loves this game. Therefor my disappointment.