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Liquid Looks At: Call of Duty Black Ops 0

  Liquid Looks At: Call of Duty Black Ops for the PC     The Numbers... Cant... Get them... out of my... HEad!    (Multiplayer review at the bottom)   I'll admittedly say that I am not a fan of the call of duty series.   After the disjointed storyline of the last addition I was expecting something similar.   However, I was impressed to find that my expectations were not met.   Treyarch did a damn good job with this one.   I believe that this game has potential to be one of the best of the...

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Liquid Looks at Medal of Honor (single-player for the pc) 1

  Liquid Looks at Medal of Honor (single-player for the pc)   Deep in the heart of the Afghan Mountains you find yourself up against the Taliban in the first attempt at a realistic modern combat shooter. The first person genre is a tough nut to crack. When it comes to the single player you have a lot of fierce competition.   Lets see how well it stacks up.    I guess even terrorists need a playground.   Programming: (2.5/5)   By now the programming abilities of any studio in the first ...

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Liquid Looks at APB... 0

  Liquid Looks at APB...     When does reviewing a game that takes hundreds of hours to reach the end, and is constantly changing though content patches, appropriately reviewable? That i cant tell you but what i can tell you is that, as of now, this is what i know.  As of the writing of this review i have played though the keys to the city beta (the entire week of e3 (presumably for demo purposes at the event)) and through the early access to the ones who purchased the game early.  I doubt...

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Liquid looks at Portal... 2

  Liquid looks at Portal… Even though this is definitely not a new release it still remains in my collection of steam games that doesn’t get deleted to save hard drive space.   When it came out, with the rest of the orange box, I was, before even playing it, a fan boy.   The mind boggling idea of infinite loops and the new and refreshing game play behind an “in” hole and an “out” hole made me quite excited.   (For the dirty minds out there, keep your pants on)   Lets take a look and see why this...

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Liquid looks at Red Dead Single Player... 23

Liquid's Review of Read Dead Redemption Single Player Being a die hard PC fan there are not too many xbox360 games that get me excited any more, but when a new free roaming title from Rockstar hits the shelves it gives me cause to head to the store.   Given the quality of work that this development team has produced in the past I went into this game with high expectations and the hopes that I would have many fine hours of game play ahead of me.   My expectations were greatly met even with a few...

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