Started & Finished (2020)

Wow, 2020, that sounds crazy. We're here, the future. A start of a new year, a new decade. What will define this year, this decade of gaming? A lot of ppl around these parts I'm sure will be playing and talking about the big and much anticipated games on the horizon like Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and in the back end, new pair of console hardware.

Me, I'll mostly be on the sidelines listening and playing old games from the previous decades. My goal is to really focus on my backlog but I also want to be much more picky this year. The last 3 years or so, I used games to escape from my life. Hopefully I'll get myself back on track, find purpose and meaning in it. That could mean playing much less games, which isn't a bad thing but that's the plan.

Last year I had a goal of beating 12 "classics" I choose at the beginning of 2019 and I ended up beating only 5 of them (Eternal Darkness, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Ghost Trick, A Link to the Past, and Parasite Eve.) That's actually not too bad but I do wish I did a little better. I actually beat 2 others that'd totally count as classics that wasn't on the list ( (Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3) so I could fudge the number up to 7. :D

Anyways, this year maybe I could target 6 classics instead to make it less intimidating to start and anything more is a bonus. So the 6 I want to beat this year are:

  1. Final Fantasy IX (03/06/2020)
  2. Dragon's Dogma (04/22/2020)
  3. A Souls game (counting Bloodborne or Sekiro, perhaps Ni-Oh)
  4. A mainline Dragon Quest (I've spent some real time with a handful of them but never beat one)
  5. Policenauts (02/05/2020)
  6. Vagrant Story or Valkyrie Profile

Here are a few games more recent I'm ashamed I haven't beaten I'm looking to this year:

  1. Kentucky Route Zero (05/26/2020)
  2. Breath of the Wild
  3. Three Houses
  4. Resident Evil 7 (03/16/2020)
  5. Persona 5
  6. Yakuza 0
  7. Prey

Games I played but dropped and may or may not go back to.

  1. DarkSiders 2 (played 20+ hours)

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