Actual Transformers 2 Footage + Plus Movie Facts!

  •      Release date set for June 23rd 2009
  •      Current cut of movie stands at 147 minutes
  •      The Fallen is an actual character.
  •      Over 40 Decepticons and Autobots will be appearing.
  •      There will be combiners, for example, the Decepticon Devestator is made up of seven individual Decepticons.



So I just Bought a DS Lite...

I've been wanting a DS for a while now. I don't think it's as good a system as the PSP but it has the more nostalgic style games. I chose to buy a DS Lite because one, the DSi is stupid expensive for such a small difference in features ($199.99 + tax is ridiculous)... Two, I wanted to play all my old GBA games.

I still feel sort of awkward though because I always like to buy the best model of a console or handheld - Like my 60GB PS3 or so on. Did I make the right choice you guys think, or should I have waited?


GiantBomb's Golden Rule - Because the Mods Can't say it!

While MB is writing the more professional version of this, I'd like people to be reminded of GiantBomb's golden rule:

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  • Satirical threads are allowed and much appreciated if they are in good taste.
  • GiantBomb is a chilled environment - don't be a dick, for the sake of being a dick.
  • Swearing is allowed, but do not abuse your right.

And don't forget GiantBombs other golden rule:

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Watch out for that ramp!

MB's more thorough version should be stickied soon!


LiquidPrince's Legend of Chun-Li Review!

So, just moments ago I arrived home after watching what I feared would be a bad movie. I thought that I would weep blood, and suck my thumb as I writhe in agony, thinking about what I had just seen. Unfortunately for you viewers, who were hoping for such an occurrence, I am pleased to say that you will be disappointed, because despite some obvious shortcomings, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li was quite good.

Now the movie was no Dark Knight, but then again who expected it to be such? It is based on a game character who in reality does have a back story, but it does not approach the wealth of history of a character like Batman. So, like I said, it was no Dark Knight, but for what it was trying to do, it succeeded, and that was to keep the viewer entertained. There is really no dull moment in the movie and the actors do a fairly decent job despite obvious shortcomings from the script. The lone exceptions would have to be Robin Shou who is a veteran of many video game movies including his role as Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat and his appearence as the Pirate Leader in DOA: Dead or Alive, and Kristen Kreuk as the leading lady. Both do an exceptional job handling the somewhat cheesy lines they are given.

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The story was probably the weakest part of the movie, but even this wasn't horrible; albeit a bit generic. Chun-Li's father gets kidnapped and is presumed dead. Chun-Li goes after the organization after her mother passes and she recieves a mysterious scroll from someone by the name of Gen (Robin Shou). She sets of to get revenge, get's trained by Gen and eventually realizes revenge for the sake of revenge is futile and only leads to more suffering. Like I said the story was decent enough and Kristen Kreuk handled the material with skill, but it was still slightly too generic.

Probably the thing I liked most about this movie was the action sequences. Wire work was used in abundance, but it was all done skillfully. At this point in time, all movie companies have a good grasp of how to to edit wire shots so that they don't look fake, and this movie was masterfully edited in that regard. The action scenes were well choreographed, and had nice visual oomph. Chun-Li even pulls off some of her trade mark techniques! Music and sound effects were decent as well, and one thing I noticed was that the punches had a really nice bass filled thump. Overall quite pleasing to watch.

This movie has been getting a lot of flak and most of it is undeserved. Sure it's not Oscar material, but what it is, is entertaining. To give it a lower score then trash like Meet the Spartans, or any other video game movie is insulting, seeing as how any grade lower then 2 stars would mean the movie is broken. I'm sure even I will get flak for this but you will enjoy the movie if you get a chance, so don't just hate on it for no reason; you might end up liking it. Since this movie was not anywhere near the trash mentioned above I give this movie a solid:

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Finally found a damn copy of Street Fighter 4! (Thoughts)

Finally... I didn't even actually find it, my friend bought it for me from some obscure store that is somehow alive after the EB Games monopoly called Micro Play, which I used to go to when I was a toddler. Anyways, the game is awesome. I played through all of Ken's arcade matches, without even dying once, but I was playing on easy so I'm not too proud. I plan on perfecting Chun-Li, C.Viper, and Ken. I can't freaking do any of Chun-Li's supers or ultra moves, for the life of me (advice appreciated). Also, I don't know about you guys but indestructible is the most awesome song EVAR... It's stuck in my head, even if it is wildly inappropriate. I love it!