Blu-ray Movie Collections?

How many movies do people have in their collections? What's your favorite and your most recent?

I have 38, my favorite has to be either Spider-man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, or Casino Royale. My most recent is the Casino Royale Deluxe Edition.


Batman 3's Only Possible Villain

After watching The Dark Knight last week, and planning to re-watch it again in IMAX this week, I can say that if there is going to be a Batman 3, only one villain can be used. The Riddler. The Joker was played so perfectly that absolutely no villain could hope to go toe to toe with him.... except the Riddler. Now, I don't mean no cheesy Jim Carrey version, I mean a dark sadistic super smart foe that could easily go against Batman in a battle of wits and create the dangerous tension of being able to win.

See the difference of having Riddler and having the Joker was that Joker was a sadistic maniac bent on destruction; an agent of chaos. The Riddler can be more then that in a certain sense while continuing what the Joker was intending on doing by showing that humans are weak and what not. He can strive for something a bit different, and you have to admit it would be freaking awesome having him set up riddles for Batman and seeing Batman have to solve them. The last riddle could be something along the lines of a situation that we saw in Spider-man 1; catch the kids on left or catch Mary Jane, or rather in Batman's case watch the city be destroyed, or allow himself to be killed for the city, even if it means dying a villian in the eyes of the public.

I can only see the Riddler creating as much tension as the Joker did in the Dark Knight, because the Riddler would just be so damn smart, and I can only imagine the sadistic humor and dark situations the Nolan version of the Riddler could inspire.


My Moderator Choices!

Well, the PS3 section has no moderators at the moment so, if I were to choose some people, I would gladly like to serve, along with hazelnutman, and Vyse_Legends! Although Vyse is a little iffy with her/his (so gender confused)  "smexyness" You know what I mean Vyse =P Vote for us =P oGShAdY could serve too =)