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Liara T'soni Kotobukiya Figure Review!

So if you're not aware, Kotobukiya is a Japanese figure creator, that does a variety of manga related statues. They also do western superheroes like Catwoman, Ms. Marvel, Phoenix and so on, but using an anime aesthetic. They also did Batman for the Batman Arkham City collectors edition statue. It was announced that they would be doing Liara T'soni, and when the first images were released there were a few complaints. Namely the size of her breasts.

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The original sculpt had much larger breasts then Liara does, and after the complaints, the sculptor reduced them to look more natural. I got my hands on the figure pretty early and I did a review. I have to say it's actually pretty fantastic. Check out the video below and tell me what you guys think:

Edit: Added pictures of my collection as per request. I am indeed a nerd. Confirmed: