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So there are two possible BEST endings... Will blow your noggin!

If you're going to comment, please actually read... What I say may be slightly different then what others have said, and this is just my way of venting. Reading "oh hey that thread again" by people who haven't even given the courtesy to read through is a tad annoying.

So after beating the game, I've been in a giant debate with myself as to what the endings mean. I love the endings because they are causing so much chaos which then breeds interesting theories. Reminds me of the Assassin's Creed endings... Anyways, on with it! (Make sure to check out the epic video below that might cause you to rethink the whole series.)

Possible Best Ending # 1 - Synthesis

So this is what most people are considering to be the best ending at this moment simply because you need the highest EMS and Paragon points to get. This is what I chose, and in all seriousness, I'm not sure if I chose correctly. This ending will ONLY considered the best ending if you disregard the Indoctrination Theory. This will only be canonical if everything on the Citadel actually occurred, in which case your Shepard sacrifices himself and synthetics and organics merge (which coincidentally causes your eyes to glow paragon blue, same as when you try to control them.)

I liked the idea of my Shepard dying to save the galaxy because I just couldn't bring myself to kill the newly allied Geth, or EDI of course. Again, if you want to disregard the Indoctrination Theory (which states that everything after Harbinger attacking is an illusion) then this works the best. Shepard dies, galaxy all live together.

Problems with this ending: Synthesis is essentially exactly what Saren wanted to do in Mass Effect, which makes me feel uncomfortable that your solutions ends by doing what Saren and even The Illusive Man wanted to do in 2.

Possible Best Ending # 2 - Destruction / Indoctrination Theory

First things first, watch this extremely well edited video (which some of you might have seen already) which sends chills down my spine:

So if you consider destruction the best ending, despite killing EDI (you dicks...) then I would say it's in your best interest to assume that the Indoctrination theory is correct. (Or that is how I see it.) Assuming you had over 5000 EMS everything falls so well in to place, even down to the very end where the two choice your presented are Paragon blue, and Renegade Red, except that Renegade is to follow Anderson and Paragon to follow the Illusive Man. That is their way of tricking you. By destroying the Reapers, you are going against the Reapers wishes and remaining in full control of your will so that ends up being Renegade and against the Reapers. If you try and control them, you become fully indoctrinated because you can't control something that is already controlling you...

The call backs to the first game also blow my mind. The description of indoctrination given by the Rachni Queen is EXACTLY what Shepard sees when he is having those "dreams." Shadowy figures wailing in sorrow, meant to break the will of the person and have them lose all hope.

Problems with this ending: If everything was an illusion after getting hit by Harbinger, then who opened the Citadel and blasted off the Crucible? If Shepard wakes up in London, that would mean that the Reapers can't have actually been destroyed because no one would have gone to open the Citadel. Unless Shepard opened the Citadel with his telepathy?

Also the Star Child said that Shepard was also half Synthetic, so even assuming that somehow the Citadel DID open and destroyed the Reapers, how would Shepard still be alive in the end when you see his chest rise?