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Game of the year 2018

Another year, another list of 9 games!

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  • Unsurprisingly God of War ended up being my game of the year. They took what was one of my favorite series before and transformed it in such a way that I could never imagine them going back. The story became a lot more personal and heart warming, the battles became more visceral and tense and the visuals were jaw dropping consistently making me go... "wow..." You know you've done good if you get the wow.

  • I love the Assassin's Creed franchise. All of them, yes, including Unity. So when Assassin's Creed Origin's changed up the formula I was worried they might change the game too much. But it ended up being the perfect type of change. You got a new gear and loot systems, whole RPG leveling mechanics, and a whole new open world with a variety of new things to do. Odyssey took everything in Origins and just went further. Even more loot, even more armor customization and an even bigger open world. It took me about 60 hours to Platinum Origins and about 110 hours for Odyssey. That might have been a negative to a lot of different people, but to me any amount of extra time I can spend running around in the world was a positive. 110 later, I even purchased the season pass, just so I could have even more to do.

  • I was having a hard time deciding whether Darksiders 3 would be my number 3 or 4 game and so I decided to put it here, simply because I haven't technically finished my number four at the time of writing this list, mostly because I had gotten side tracked playing the hell out of this game. Darksiders 3 started out a bit rough. The Dark Souls inspired combat was difficult to adapt to when coming in with a preconceived idea of how it was probably going to play like. But this was really the case of the farther you got into it and the more you persevered the more fun the game got as you understood it better. It also helped that THQ Nordic updated the game very quickly to add in a classic fighting option which made the combat feel a bit more like the previous games. Overall I had a ton of fun unlocking all the hollows in the game, equipping different trinkets to power them up and trying to make myself an unkillable god... or horsemen!

  • I've never finished a Rockstar game. The closest I came to doing so was the original Red Dead Redemption. I'm going to finish Read Dead Redemption 2, no doubt about it. It still has all the issues that really prevented me from playing Rockstars other games, but the atmosphere and the characters are so compelling that I actually want to keep playing. At the time of writing this I'm mid chapter 5, and Arthur Morgan might be one of the best characters I've ever played as and infinitely more likable then any character Rockstar has made before. It also doesn't hurt that the visuals at times could be straight up jaw dropping.

  • I'm primarily a DC fan these days. I enjoy the MCU, but would take almost any DC movie over most Marvel movies any day. That being said, I like almost every other person my age grew up loving Spider-man. I could completely hate Marvel and every character that they've ever produced and still love Spider-man. To that end I've played nearly every Spider-man game since the Sega Genesis era and can say without a doubt that Insomniacs Spider-man is easily the best game the web head has ever been in. The story was stuffed full of Easter eggs, the visuals were incredible and the swinging felt great. If the swinging feels great, that's like half the battle.

  • Yeah I know, this didn't come out this year. But 2018 is the year I played it. I've never played a Xenoblade game before, and even until now am fuzzy on if there are any explicit ways this game ties to the other ones. That being said, it didn't matter. The game introduces the characters and the world in such a way that you get immersed and immediately want to keep playing. When I bought the game I was mid way through playing Assassin's Creed and Red Dead 2, and had no inention of playing through it quite yet. I just popped it in to see what the game was like and boom, 90 hours later I'm still playing. The world is very impressive, even on the switch, the characters are all lovable and the English voice acting is very charming. I've played hours and hours of this game, and still have more to go. Plus there's always the expansion waiting for me and I couldn't be more excited to get to it.

  • Destiny is kind of my forever game. I love everything about playing the game. Forsasken took a huge step forward in making what was ultimately kind of a disappointing initial launch, much more fun. The reason it isn't higher on my list is that despite all the improvements, Bungie still hasn't found a balance that I like that matches up my experiences of Destiny 1 year 1. Destiny 2 went from being far too casual with no fun rewards, to being super hardcore with a ton of really powerful weapons. It might just be that I solo'd my way to getting Luna's Howl but the game really drained me. I'm still hoping that after a short break I can come back to the game and get back into the rhythm again. I love Destiny and want to keep loving Destiny. Maybe when I can hold the Last Word again. Also where's my Hawkmoon Bungie.

  • It's Dragon Ball. Like, the best Dragon Ball ever released. What's not to like? All my favorite characters presented in such beautiful detail all in a package that feels like more Marvel vs Capcom then Marvel vs Capcom. There is literally nothing not to like! Except maybe the kinda boring story mode. But even that doesn't take away from what is probably the best DBZ game ever released.

  • I wasn't even thinking about buying this game. The catching mechanics being simplified seemed to be a really bad idea and I wanted my hardcore "real" Pokemon game. To be honest the only reason I bought this game was for all the Kanto nostalgia, and boy am I glad that I did. The catching mechanics while different from a regular Pokemon game, still ended up being fun in their own way. Catch combo's were a great way to level up Pokemon quickly and seeing a shiny Pokemon pop out of the grass always gave me a good rush. Plus it doesn't hurt that it's Kanto presented in the most beautiful way to date. It's a great game to play, even if you are still looking for the next actual generation Pokemon game. Also Pikachu all the way.