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Sleek presentation doesn't make this game any less boring. 1

If this newest installment is any indication, it seems the Prince of Persia series has taken a dive. Quite simply, this game is boring. It's very hard to enjoy a game that holds your hand the entire way through. You basically can't die. This would actually not be a problem, had the platforming not been so repetitive. I don't know how many times one can run across a wall, or jump on a pole, without it getting tired. The PS2 / Xbox PoP games at least mixed it up a little. This game does not. At l...

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Trial and Error 0

Mirror's Edge could have been a great and exciting platformer, but instead stumbles constantly, just keeping it from reaching its obvious potential. At its best, this game is rush, a wild ride of running, jumping, and doing batman and spiderman style tricks accross rooftops, and inside buildings.  The way you can interact with the environment is often very smart, and satisfying.  There will be moments where you'll forget you'll playing a game.  It really gets your adrenaline pumping.  But then,...

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Innovative and fun as hell 0

If you've played Paper Mario, or the Mario RPG games for Gameboy Advance, SP, this one follows the same formula. Mario fans will really enjoy this game. On the surface, the game does not look very deep, but it is. There are plenty of items to collect, and many things to do. More importantly, this game is loooong. It is just a very well crafted RPG with awesome and plentiful puzzles, great "paperish" graphics, and Mario themes all the way through. Despite being awesome, there are a couple of pro...

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Not Traditional Zelda, but a great game on its own 0

First of all, if you are thinking this is going to be your traditional Ocarina, Wind Waker, Link to the Past zelda game, you have to erase that from your mind right now. Okay. This game is a fun, 4 player multiplayer game, that has you exploring the world of Zelda, similar to the gameplay of Link to the Past, but in a much much more linear fashion. There are levels, with puzzles, similar to the Zelda dungeons. You and your friends work together, simultaneously to unlock these puzzles and advance...

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The promise of the best action RPG ever, is a broken one. 0

This game is not bad by any means, but it is really not that great either. This is an action RPG. There are enimies, spells, hit points, and places to explore. The problem is, there are not many of them. Where you can go is very limited, there are invisible walls everywhere. When you are exploring, you are constantly on trails. It feels like I am walking through a park, on a designated trail, with designated signs. There are not many spells, there are just not. There are not many items, weapons...

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The most immersive game on the gamecube 0

I think the Metroid Prime series is all about immersion. When you start playing this game, you forget where you are, you explore, you uncover new things, and it is quite simply the best gaming experience there is on the Gamecube, or any other console. You go through the world, in first person mode, exploring. This game is all about exploration. You will feel a real sense of accomplishment, when you find new items, new power ups. These will allow you to explore other parts of the world. The grap...

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An overlooked gem for its time, but nothing special now. 0

t's too bad this game is not more popular, because it is a really great game. The gameplay style is very similar to Zelda: A platformer with some puzzles. There are many items to find and obtain in this game. This game probably uses every gameplay mechanic there is in a platformer game. There are some fetch quests that can become very tedious, and the Star Fox style flight missions are annoying, but overall this is a very good and long game with many things to discover, and a pretty good story. ...

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Excellent, just like the others in the series. 0

THE GOOD: Like SOTN, and the other 3 games before it, this game focuses on exploration, RPG like skill advancement, and action. Also, like the other games in the series, this game simply rocks. You explore the castle, gaining power ups to advance to new areas Metroid style. On top of that, the whole RPG aspect is here (leveling up, items, weapons, skills). One great aspect of this game is the skill (spell) system. Every enemy in the game has a chance to drop it's soul. When you get the whole, ...

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Still Magical, most newer games don't even touch it. 0

In a way, this is the purest Zelda ever created. Ocarina of Time, and every Zelda game since, was modeled after, and influenced by this game and its gameplay. I played through this game the day it was released back in the 90s. I was so impressed by it then. I didn't think I could relive that magic, but here it is, and it's still every bit as magical as it was back in day. The execution of how this game plays out, exploring, discovery, challenge, puzzles, is absolutely flawless. There is no oth...

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Despite repetitive combat, One of the best PS3 titles available. 0

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, developed by our friends at Naughty Dog, is a rousing action adventure that every PS3 owner should own. The first thing you will notice when you start up this game is its production values. Quite simply, they are breathtaking. The quality of the graphics, and the cut-scenes, rival anything that you will see in this current generation of videogames. The most noticeable strength this game has is its graphics. Every detail, every nook and cranny, looks superb in high d...

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