PS3 Games That Live On My Shelf

The Playstation 3 was and still is one of my favourite consoles that offered a varied and valuable selection of games, from shooters to adventure games I amassed a pretty sizeable collection that brought hours upon hours of brilliant and engrossing game-play goodness. I've not included any digital PSN titles, everything listed are purely physical disc copies.

List items

  • As a Rock and Metal fan this game was brilliant, the voice of Jack Black even helped along the character so well that you actually wanted to keep playing. While it did have it's flaws I really enjoyed the game and wouldn't mind seeing a sequel.

  • The Burnout series have always been some of my favourite ever racing games and Paradise was no exception. Tons of cars, a beautiful fast passed world to race through and the inclusion of motorbikes made it one of my favourite racing games on the PS3.

  • I've always enjoyed the Ridge Racer series but 7 did nothing for me, overall it felt like a rushed game with little polish or real luster.

  • It's almost customary to own Street Fighter on whatever system you play so 4 was no exception. However like most beat'em ups I failed epically at it and stopped playing while I still could.

  • WipeOut is one of those games that you have to experience just once, HD didn't disappoint and delivered more of that high speed insanity that required the reactions of an energizer bunny on class A drugs - which I think the series is aimed at.

  • Though I'm not a huge fan of the series I found the game to be visually beautiful and the story to be extremely compelling.

  • A psychopathic teddy bear with aspirations to be the next Jason Vorhees, what could ever go wrong? quite a lot actually. though it was a little entertaining at first the game relied too much on the same thrills and spills without ever adding to the formula.

  • I forgot I had this, it's not been played yet but I'll get around to it.

  • My favourite of the series provided hours of random GTA inspired fun and craziness, but with it's own flair and finesse to set it apart from the competition and stand on it's own two feet.

  • More of the same but with Metal being the order of the day, one of my most played of the series that included plenty of Megadeth, even some Slayer and Slipknot.

  • Metallica is one of my favourite bands of all time so this was a must buy. All of my favourite songs were included and there were even some surprises like System of a Down, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy and Slayer.

  • Not a bad Guitar Hero release, some choice tunes and a face off with guitar god Slash.

  • Some pretty damn fine tunes that inspired some serious rocking out, an all around solid addition to the Guitar Hero catalogue.

  • Five was a decent mix between old and new with such bands as Dire Straits, The Killers, Nirvana and even Iron Maiden's epic 2 Minutes to Midnight.

  • More pop infused than the Guitar Hero series, not a terrible game but definitely a slower paced more light hearted musical experience. It included such artists as Pat Benatar, Duran Duran, The Rolling Stones, and even Evanescence's hauntingly beautiful Bring me to Life makes an appearance.

  • More of the same, but the story must not have been very memorable because I remember very little about it.

  • Not a bad addition to the series, Rome was fun to explore and the inclusion of famous characters from history made it a more interesting.

  • One of my favourite of the series simply because of the games landscape, the dangerous American frontier was fun to traverse and the addition of ships made it a more fresh experience.

  • One of my most played Assassin's Creed games. It had a little bit of everything to keep me coming back for more and a lot of unique skills to learn.

  • The first in the series was innovative for it's time but I found the controls to be frustrating and it never felt as free or fresh as the titles that have since been released.

  • One of the best games in the series with an almost endless amount of fun to be had. Yet another special edition of the game with all kinds of extras thrown in.

  • It's easy to see the game as just another expansion or cash grab opportunity for a games developer, but this was nothing of the sort. The new characters were memorable, there was a wider variety of weapons/cars and a new sky diving feature.

  • Though it feels a little wooden now, the release of GTA IV brought one of the best series to the PS3 and offered a deeply engrossing criminal experience that both charmed and alarmed fans and critics respectively.