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Every Game On A Giant Bomb Staff/Guest "Top 10" List For 2015

Figured a unified list might be helpful; this is every game which appeared on an "official" 2015 GOTY list. Some people included 5 games; I included all that were present. Others (like Greg Kasavin) included more: I included their "top ten" if possible.

Not in the database as of 12/31/15 (last update):

-Aperture Robot Repair

-DOTA Shop Demo Vive

-Fantastic Contraption

-One-Night Ultimate Werewolf

-Burgle Bros.

-Cobra Club

-Don't Go in The Old Greene House

-Siren for Hire

-Party Gods

-Score Hero

-Sage Solitaire

-Jeff Minter's Minotaur Rescue

-Clickhole Clickventures

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