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Games I Played in 2012

This year, I'm not planning to stay on the up-and-up with new releases. I'm planning to go back and play all the games most people would usually play during "the down time." There are only one or two releases I'm especially looking forward to, so I'm looking forward to spending my time with older games. That said, there will still definitely be some games I played in 2012 that came out in 2012, and they'll be on this list too. I'm moving games I wrote about this year to the top of the list...

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  • Check out the full review here!

  • Check out the full review here!

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  • Check out my first impressions here.

  • Check out the full review here!

  • Check out the full review here!

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  • Check out the full review here!

  • I...I can't stop playing Saints Row The Third. My first character is now level 50 and is immune to all damage but melee damage, and I've begun a second female character and reached the mission where I would rescue Oleg. I love this game.

    I also wrote a review of the Gangstas in Space DLC. Check it out here!

  • So much Fortune Street. This game is fantastic. We'll probably have a review on here someday.

  • Still playing it. Check out the full review here!

  • All right, so I played this one at work with one of the kids in the office for about twenty minutes, but that was one full game of Wheel of Fortune. It's actually fairly competent, though I think the wheel itself might favor the bankrupt tile a bit too much.

  • Watched my friend play through it! It's fine. Not my thing.

  • Played the demo through; this game is JUNK. That said, it's almost comedically bad, and I might play the full version.

  • The beta of the Facebook version launched on January 11th. So far, I'm really enjoying it, and it's pretty shockingly different from the console version. I'll probably continue to play it for a while. You might see a review from me if I ever get enough people playing to progress through the game.

  • I played the demo of the XBLA version, and I quickly figured out what this title was. I have a lot of respect for its ludicrously weird aesthetic, but the gameplay is so simplistic that I can't actually see myself playing any more of the game. I'm a rhythm game enthusiast, but this one might just be a bit too easy and repetitive for me.

  • Played about an hour or two and found myself inside the first Oblivion Gate. I can see why those would get repetitive, but the first one was PRETTY AWESOME, actually. The systems are far less apparent than they are in Fallout 3 and Skyrim, leading to the game being a lot less fun to play and progress through. That said, I enjoy the stupid Speechcraft minigame quite a bit. I don't know how much more I'll play; I mostly played my couple hours due to distance from my copy of Skyrim.

  • Started playing the PC version, and it's still an excellent, excellent game. Probably the most thoughtfully put-together game of last year, although a large reason it squeaks past Portal 2 in that regard is that it's original. I played the XBLA version last year and was highly satisfied.

  • This damn game keeps me tied to my phone. It's actually getting frustrating. I might delete it soon, as cool as I think it is.

  • The first new fighting game I played in 2012. I think it's really cool, but it's too technical for someone like me. I enjoy it a lot more than the ARC Systems fighters, though.

  • Unfortunately, I may be incapable of spreading my game beyond Ryu in this title. It's too bad. Well, except that there'll probably be a new Street Fighter out in the next few years, right?

  • Evidence for why that would help lies in SFIII. I'm waaaaay better with Elena than I am with Ryu in Street Fighter III. She's a blast to play.

  • I played through this entire game in one sitting. It's kinda dumb, but also it's pretty awesome.

  • I'm absolutely struggling with this one, as much as I know it's a cool game.

  • Playing through this one for "Video Game Theater", where I play with a crew of about 10 people. Really enjoying the divide as to which girl we should pick, though the women eventually won. We're going with Catherine.

  • Also played through this one for "Video Game Theater." I'm not a fan, I'm sorry to say, after years of championing the title. While the first four hours are AWESOME, the game really peters out and actively gets worse over what's remaining. While things finally do go crazy at the finale, I just don't want to be around that gameplay anymore by the end of things. Sorry, guys.


  • A cool indie title. I'm glad I played this.

  • Played through most of the Thieves' Guild storyline, just gotta do the last mission and return the Skeleton Key. Enjoyed that.

  • I did not care for this title. I think it is the worst Soul Calibur game yet. There will be no write-up.

  • This will come up again at the end of the year.

  • This is okay.

  • I played the demo and didn't really care for it. It seems like a good enough game, it's just not my thing. If a friend picks it up, I'll probably play a bunch of local multiplayer with them.

  • Beat it.

  • Beat it. Officially missed a lot of games, too.

  • Didn't dig it.

  • 30+ Hours Oh God.

  • This is probably my favorite new iOS game of 20Does.

  • This is surprisingly neat.

  • Played some more of it. No new high score, though.

  • Still playin' it! Username LittleSocrates.

  • For iOS!

  • This game's neat!

  • Fuck this game.

  • I got stuck. :(

  • This game is neat too!

  • Played and reviewed!

  • Played and reviewed!

  • Played and reviewed!

  • Fuck this game!

  • Beat it.

  • Not my thing!

  • YEAH!


  • Fuck this game, too.

  • I should play more of this.

  • Neat-o!

  • Really like the way the P3 characters play.

  • I'm garbage now. Got really good at Street Fighter IV, though.