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Games I'd Want in My Personal Arcade

Arcades are fading as time goes on. Even my local arcade has zero working pinball machines, and while Virtual Console, XBLA, and Game Room have all tried to fill the gap, none of them have the full roster OR the full arcade stick functionality I want. This is a list of games I'd stock in my handful of arcade cabinets, along with maybe a couple of pinball machines or specific arcade machines.  
Going to do some more research, as I know I like a lot more arcade titles, but I'll get back to this.

List items

  • This is probably one of the most important games in the arcade. This stands out to me as the first perfect game, actually. And it's still probably my favorite sh'mup, though Galaga is pretty slick too.

  • No console version of this game I've played has been satisfactory, which is a bummer because it's a really sweet game. The sound is all that keeps it from its "perfect" rating like Space Invaders,

  • I don't think there's any justification necessary. Donkey Kong is slick.

  • Part of why I want Ms. Pac-Man in my arcade is so I can stick it right next to CEDX and show the difference in game design over the time lapse.

    The other reason is because Pac-Man is fucking awesome, and the original isn't quite as awesome as Ms.

  • Man, I wish they'd program a version of this game that used local leaderboards. But without that, I'd just save the high score and that'd be fine.

  • Duder, I used to play this at Max & Erma's all the time and it was always awesome.

  • My personal favorite Time Crisis game. Gets its own cabinet.

  • Love the shotgun-modeled lightgun, gets its own cabinet as well.

  • The classic, of course.

  • This has always been the fighting game that drew me towards it in the local arcade. I suck at MVC2. I'm fine at 3, but 2? I can't do it. But with this many characters, there's very little chance two people are going to be using the same team at the amateur level, and that makes it a blast.

  • The only MK I care about. Really like this one, though.

  • This game has a BUILT IN AIR CONDITIONER. And good levels.

  • One of the more fun beat-em-ups out there. Still carries nostalgia, and I look forward to comparing it to the next game.

  • This is a really fun beat-em-up that's catching a lot of flak for...some reason? Apparently it also runs on an arcade stick.

  • Need I say much?