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GOTY 2012

This is my list of the best games of 2012. There will be far more content about these games throughout this week.

List items

  • Like the journey that 2001: A Space Odyssey could never take us on.

  • The game that concludes the best trilogy of the generation on an absolute high-watermark.

  • A game that teaches you how to love, even if it does so by turning you and your partner into Pok√©mon.

  • The lost NES platformer that shows up some of its classic brethren. Looking at you, Sonic 2.

  • Few moments spent with this game were not in joyous rapture.

  • Easily my favorite shooter of the year. Some of the best performances ever. AND THAT ENDING IS SO DAMN INCREDIBLE. Made me want to read the comics.

  • Even if it's just replicating the primary relationship of Persona 4 in many ways, it's absolutely successful at the imitation. Kenny's pretty awesome, too.

  • An addiction that very nearly shames me. Pixel-perfect gameplay. High-falutin' moral statements. Hydrogen by M.O.O.N.

  • Terry Cavanagh just keeps on giving. His major project of 2012. The most precise I've ever felt playing a touch-screen game. And that music.

  • Technically a 2011 release in the States, but I didn't play it till this year, and it WAS released in Europe in 2012. Probably the most memorable multiplayer experiences of the year. A Monopoly-style game that doesn't lead to anybody wanting to flip the board, but a game that still captures the fun of the classic. The only game on this list that makes a board game classic feel useless in comparison.