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I can't get it working for the official iOS podcast app either.

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@ballsleon: I'm not too worried about Oculus, it sounds like Palmer isn't actually involved with the day-to-day operations any more. After this shitstorm, they'll either sever ties, or just sweep him under the rug and never let him be their spokesperson anymore.

The main reason I'm still leaning towards the Vive over Oculus is their anti-competitive tendencies.

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@kogx said:
@jasoncooke said:

It's just a stupid new moniker for people that disagree with the left, comprised of 4chan, GamerGate, certain subreddits. They're all being thrown under that.

So unless I am misunderstanding things it would be the left equivalent of calling everyone a SJW then?

I don't think that's quite right, the name "alt-right" isn't inherently pejorative like "SJW" is. I'm definitely what some people would call an "sjw", but I would never call myself that in front of normal human beings.

I've seen enough alt-right style politics spilling over well beyond the boarders of Reddit and 4-chan to know it's not some tiny thing - how about every message board on the whole internet, facebook, and at least a few people I know personally? There is a large group of younger conservatives that match the label, and for now the word we're using is "alt-right".

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@kogx said:

Also can anyone explain to me what an Alt-Right is. Apparently no official ideology but yet a thing that makes internet memes. A quick google makes it seem like a thing 4chan did that people are taking seriously.

Well, the basics are here:

Basically it's a newer, younger group of conservatives that are united by a shared anti-immigrant nationalism, and also a strong hatred of anything they perceive as "political correctness". As a group their priorities are distinct from the religious right or the pro-business wing of the republican party, and they have a strong distrust of the "political establishment", globalism, free trade, and such. That last part actually has some overlap with the Bernie supporters (although Bernie supporters don't have nearly the same nationalistic / anti-PC streak).

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@maginnovision said:

Not to mention even if you back racists it has very little effect on our nation. BLM has a much larger and more negative effect with their riots.

I hope I'm not violating the "chill" directive from Rorie, but I take strong exception to this quote. The riots are not being organized by BLM, the actual organization is organizing peaceful protests, but when unarmed people are being killed in the street by cops, that understandably causes emotions to boil over for some people.

The reason that Trump is causing people to react like this is because he's much more overtly racist than any political candidate has dared to be in many years, and he's shown reckless disregard for the constitution, the rule of law, business contracts, America's diplomatic relationships, and seems to not care how incendiary his language is. This isn't a normal election, and the reaction against Palmer reflects this. He's not even supporting Trump via normal republican arguments, he's trying to propagate the ugliest corner of Trump's supporters.

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The most recent Giant Beastcast has an ad for Draft Kings "Fantasy Esports" betting, which somehow feels even dirtier than betting on regular sports. I hope Giant Bomb can find slightly more reputable advertisers than this.

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@spraynardtatum said:

@leinad44 said:

Gamer Gate is a fucking train wreck. I can't take anyone who supports it seriously. Especially since it's based on a lie.

I support it. None of the awful harassment that comes with it. That is obviously horrible and no one should ever support harassing or disparaging others. But I agree that games journalism is ethically bankrupt and that games media should never even be considered journalism. Games journalism is marketing from where I'm sitting. As a consumer of video games and a frequenter of gaming websites...the entirety of the website covering games has become/probably always was advertising and I find that to be a bit shitty. And shady.

I don't think that games journalism is a shinning beacon by any means, but at the end of the day it is just an enthusiast press about what is, for the most part, a frivolous pass time. And I've noticed that GamerGate doesn't seem to care about ethics violations with AAA publishers and the press, instead focusing most of their attention on progressive and minority voices, which is why I think a lot of GG folks are either being deceptive or self-deceptive about what they really want.

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@icarusfoundyou: Maybe a middle-ground step would be to make new accounts harder to make (like only 1 new account per IP address per 3 months, or something), so even if you're still anonymous, you can't make a thousand hateful sock-puppet accounts in one day. Twitter in particular might bennefit from this.

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@tejini said:

GB got shit thrown their way when they dared to hire a man instead of a woman so I can understand why they would hesitate to throw their hats into the ring for either side.

I think you're probably misreading the sentiment from most of the GB staff if this is what you think.