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  • Lokno posted a message on the post A Relaxed Friday Stream 04/30/21.

    Glad to see Jeff checking out Dreams again! Jeff, and others, might be interested in my game "Take That, Dragon!" Its a loving recreation of the pointed stick duel from Beach Head II, which I made af...

  • Lokno posted a message on the post The Hitmazing Race.

    I enjoyed the contrast of Brad trying to play even the least bit stealthy and Vinny going loud. These are two valid ways to play the game and its very amusing seeing them in direct comparison. I woul...

  • Lokno posted a message on the post Part 01.

    I totally think Ben can do it! Let's go!

  • Lokno posted a message on the post Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?.

    This was a fun pick for what I imagine will be one of the last Clue Crew games :'(I've loved this series and I wish Abby all the best on her next endeavor (also I hope Alex and Vinny take up the adve...

  • Lokno posted a message on the post Mass Effect 3 - Part 26 (The Finale).

    Congrats Alex on finishing the trilogy! I lost steam on the Mass Effect games mid-way through Mass Effect 2, so I've enjoyed watching you play through them to see what I missed, especially this infam...

  • Lokno posted a message in the forum topic Should Mass Alex continue through Andromeda?. on the Mass Effect: Andromeda board

    I'm voting for it, I'd be curious to see it in direct constrast to the other games in the series. However, Alex doesn't sound super stoked to play it, and ultimately it's his decision! I've enjoyed t...