someone called the cops on my neighbors.

2 squad cars, bright flood lights all over the front of the house, banging on the door, no one answered. Cop over the loudspeaker says, "come to the door or we will break it down." They of course did not do that but they did open the Honda in the driveway looking through it. it was weird. not sure what it was about, my guess is domestic dispute and in the heat of the moment, one of them called 911. The house is quiet, even though all cars are parked out in front. Only the damn dog wouldn't stop yapping


List Quests

Giantbomb should have a quest where the objective is to put together a list that satisfies certain criteria, like for example the recent basketball quest. Put together a list of 5 character pages made up of 5 basketball players. Any 5 will do as long as they're known as basketball players. Call it "My Starting 5" or something like that. Whiskey would obviously have to tag all character pages to signify if they're ballers, but it allows the community to put their own twist on the quest system.
Maybe a better example would be, put together a list of 10 games that implement invisible walls(i.e. are listed on the Invisible Wall concept page) poorly or to great effect. I call it, "Claustrophobia."
What do you think?


Wow, the MOH Beta was crap

The new and improved PC Open Beta is even worse. I can't believe they think this formula still works. Map design is horrible, audio is hollow and lacking, and the visuals are bland. Dice, you really need to stop making shooters. This Beta is not selling me on anything but crap. What a waste of hard drive space.

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