On the home stretch (or am I?)

I've spent another 20 hours with Zelda since my last post and I'm still going strong! The game definitely seems to be winding down, however, it does seem to be getting a little bit more repetitive than I would like or expect. At this point in the game I'm going back to the 3 main areas for the 3rd time now. Each time I have a new objective, yet still going back to the same place. Sure, there is a slightly new appearance to the place or a new part of the map to explore, but it feels a little too repetitive for a Zelda game.

There have been a few parts of the game that have been quite frustrating as far as the controls go. Either the game is being a little bit too relentless with the positioning of the controller swipes or the controls are forcing me to twist my wrist like I'm the girl from Exorcist or something. The culmination of both of these issues has my wrist feeling sore. I have never been a fan of the motion control idea and I still am not. It still has not revolutionized gaming like it was promised. Show me a game where the motion controls give me a better play experience than regular analog sticks and I'll reconsider. However, so far, every time a hear about a great game on the Wii, I shudder to think that I'll have to play through it with motion controls (unless your Xenoblade Chronicles, and not have a single bit of motion controlling in the game... thank you!).

Anyways, I'm 40+ hours in with the end of the main story in sight, yet still plenty of side things to do. I'm not sure exactly how much of the side quests I'll finish out before beating the game, but it will definitely be a few. I really enjoy seeking out those purple treasure chests and opening them in the sky for some reason. It's a great feeling getting to see what is inside the random chest. I presume my next post will be about the game as a whole and it's ending.

So... motion controls for Skyward Sword.. love or hate?