That E3 2011 list I'm scorepimping myself out for

Let's see what I can come up with.  I've automatically dropped Gears 3 because I still need to actually finish the first two, but maybe next time.

List items

  • Having been a fairly devout follower of Mass Effect to date (playing each game once, but as thoroughly as possible--the two ME1 DLC add-ons caused crashes for me, though I bought, played, and loved every piece of ME2 quest DLC), it's only natural to see my paragon Shepard through to the end. That ME2 already showed us some of the impacts of our decisions from the first game was a fantastic appetite-whetter for what hopefully will come to a head in ME3. I want to see what my full complement of former partners (sans Ashley, RIP) can do for me here!

  • As a lover of most all things Harmonix, this one was pretty obligatory. Loved the first one; looking forward to seeing how the new features work.

  • This one fascinates me by virtue of its history, although now that we've seen more of its UI, I'm firmly in the camp that this is going to be the perfect complement to games like Rock Band. Power Gig be damned in its attempt at hyping up what turned out to be absolutely nothing (you could tell because they didn't start releasing gameplay footage until very, VERY late in the game, instead talking up the guitar itself), this one looks like it's doing everything it can to teach people guitar CORRECTLY. And I'm saying that as a fan of Rock Band's Pro Mode. The fact that they don't have to constrain themselves to Rock Band's note highway works wonders for the game, and while I may not have a proper electric guitar with which I can play this game, I'm very much looking forward to keeping an eye on it until I do get a proper electric guitar.

  • Elder Scrolls fan since Daggerfall, and I don't know if I need to say any more.

  • More Uncharted. Again, 'nuff said.

  • If I was going to post Uncharted on this list, I was definitely going to include the latest installment in the franchise that pioneered the genre.

  • Quite honestly, I've never been able to finish any of the [x]Shock games, because my spine would crawl up my back and try to strangle my neck with atmosphere. This one is different, though--it has ACTUAL PEOPLE, not mutant freaks! While the atmosphere alone would've been enough, the fact that I may be able to play this without freaking completely out is also alluring.

  • I loved Arkham Asylum, I loved Rocksteady and Dini collaborating, I loved the return of Hamill and Conway and Sorkin (who will be sorely missed this go-round). Color me intrigued.

  • I've devoured all of the main installments in the AC franchise like Thin Mints; I see no reason to stop now. Here's hoping AC3 will cap off the trilogy proper, and here's hoping Revelations does a fine job of capping the trilogy within the trilogy.

  • I actually thought the trailer was kind of clichéd and overdone, but if they manage the combo L4D/TF2 mechanics the trailer seems to imply and they pull it off well, I'm down for it.

  • I actually thought this looked like a lot of fun, and am ALMOST not ashamed for thinking so. ALMOST.

  • I didn't have interest in this or any other war games before the trailer came out. Now I'm interested in this one.

  • NGL: I'm out of games I can remember off hand and trawling through the newsfeed looking for future releases, but this one I think I'll remember for a long time to come.

  • Okay, fine, but only because I'm curious about how the successor studio will handle the franchise and I needed one last game.