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Don Paolo's disguises

They don't call him a master of disguise for nothing. Professor Layton villain Don Paolo has taken on a number of disguises to further his evil agenda. And he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for that meddling Professor! Professor Layton inevitably finds some small flaw in his disguise and exposes him as the dastardly Don Paolo.
This is a list of the disguises Don Paolo has used. Key plot details for all three games will be discussed below, so stay away if you don't want stuff spoiled.

List items

  • Don Paolo took on the guise of Scotland Yard's Inspector Chelmey, called in to investigate the murder of Simon Reinhold. It would have been a perfect disguise, but Don Paolo failed to take the Inspector's love of sweet potato fritters into account. A fatal mistake.

  • Not content to simply kindnap Flora and leave her in a barn, Don Paolo went one step further. He actually disguised himself as the girl, successfully fooling Layton and Luke despite an obvious size difference between the two.

  • In order to prove to Professor Layton that he really was in the future, Don Paolo took on the role of Andrew Schrader. But Hershel wasn't fooled. If it was really the future Andrew Schrader, why was he not surprised too see Little Luke?

  • Don Paolo's second future disguise was Dean Delmona, who Layton had seen just hours earlier. A white wig was chosen to make the Dean appear older, but Layton wasn't fooled. He knew that the real Dean Delmona was actually bald.

  • Professor Layton was not fooled by Don Paolo's previous two disguises. Before entering the Towering Pagoda, he sought out Paul. Since they both wanted the same thing, Don Paolo agreed to take Layton's place. A perfect impersonation, the fake Layton managed to successfully fool Luke, Flora, and Evil Layton. The unmasked Dimitri Allen trapped the group, but Layton was prepared and managed to free them.