I am told I am about to embark on a long quest.  If not, I will delete this post and shed tears of sadness.  Hearing the word Genesis makes me think of Sega and how sad I am that they no longer make consoles.  I own everyone they made here in the states.  Except for the 32X, that system was just garbage:)

Kinect control and it's comparison to touch controls?

Having just watched the demonstration of Child of Eden the thought of a comparison to touch controls on the iphone came to mind.  I know I have heard a few journalists mention they don't believe iphone gaming is really "gaming" because of a lack of an actualy d-pad and buttons to control what is happening on the screen.  By that measure, wouldn't the way we play Kinect be considered the same?  We have no d-pad or buttons and the way that you interact with the game is roughly the same way you would with a touch screen (only your fingers don't get in the way of the action).  So with that in mind, should the same journalists be looking at the "games" for Kinect in the same way they look at "games" on the iphone?

Mature games being given more respect by the media & politicions?

Has the industry reached a point where Mature video games have become much more accepted by the general public?  Since the "Sexbox" incident on Fox a couple of years ago we have seen games like GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins and Heavy Rain released with no large public outcry from major media or government officials.  We are talking about games that have mild to strong sexual content or have some form of male female nudity.  Each of these games have had either a previous game in the series or at least had the developer face public/media or legal issues in the past.  GTA suffered the Hot Coffee legal battle.  Developer Bioware suffered Fox News "Sexbox" issue for the first Mass Effect.  Heavy Rain's developer Quantic Dream had to make cuts of nudity to it's previous game (Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenhiet) before it could see a North American release (with a rating below AO).  Jump forward two years and we've had full frontal male nudity in GTA: Lost & Damned, multiple sexual partners in both Gay Tony & Mass Effect/Dragon Age as well as female nudity in Heavy Rain and no major news organization has made a public stink about it and no government official has asked for hearings. 
Even violence in video games seems to have become less of a factor to the public.  The "No Russian" scene from Modern Warfare 2 only seemed to get a mild amount of attention from the media and then nothing.  Are we at a point where we don't have to fear the government coming in and taking away are mature video games or having the ESRB force cuts of content for fear they will be told they are not doing their job correctly and the government should step in to protect us?    

Give me the lead in an FMV game!

I loved the idea of FMV games when I was young.  I remember thinking that was the future of video games.  After the Sega Master System, I took a break from games for a while.  Still having a subscription to Sega Visions, I opened up an issue in I believe the summer of 93 and saw a series of FMV games released for the Sega CD.  I immediately told my parents I wanted a Sega Genesis & Sega CD for my b-day in July.  Wasn't positive I would get it since the price for the two was around $300.  But I did get it and set out on my search to get as many FMV titles as I could get my hands on.  I was looking for an uncut version of Night Trap, but I came to the party too late and they were no where to be found.  I got the cut version along with a copy of Double Switch and Ground Zero: Texas.  No matter what you think, I loved them.  Still have fond memories of that time in my life and all the gaming I did.  I must have around 20 of those Sega CD FMV games.  I do believe I will go over right now and make a list of all the FMV games that I own. :)