Give me the lead in an FMV game!

I loved the idea of FMV games when I was young.  I remember thinking that was the future of video games.  After the Sega Master System, I took a break from games for a while.  Still having a subscription to Sega Visions, I opened up an issue in I believe the summer of 93 and saw a series of FMV games released for the Sega CD.  I immediately told my parents I wanted a Sega Genesis & Sega CD for my b-day in July.  Wasn't positive I would get it since the price for the two was around $300.  But I did get it and set out on my search to get as many FMV titles as I could get my hands on.  I was looking for an uncut version of Night Trap, but I came to the party too late and they were no where to be found.  I got the cut version along with a copy of Double Switch and Ground Zero: Texas.  No matter what you think, I loved them.  Still have fond memories of that time in my life and all the gaming I did.  I must have around 20 of those Sega CD FMV games.  I do believe I will go over right now and make a list of all the FMV games that I own. :)