Consideration for GOTY 2012

Here is a list of games that I have played this year that I believe are worthy of consideration for either my GOTY or at the very least, my Top 10 list. Games are listed in order of release date.

(Additions to come throughout the year:)

It's official! I have now entered the 11th game to my list for the year. There are now games that will be on this list that will not make my Top 10 games of the year. Good times:)

Games I've played this year, not being considered for my Top 10:

Trials HD, Fez, Syndicate, Witcher 2 (Xbox 360), Darksiders II

List items

  • Not sure I found this one to be as good as the original, but I enjoyed the art style and the game play was quick. I liked the cliffhanger at the end and would really like to see a third that picks up after the events of this one. (Pretty sure the sales of this one will not allow that to occur:(

  • Remedy really showed they have a real affection for the Alan Wake character. I too have an affection for the character and this was a great new experience with him. I want more Alan Wake as soon as possible!

  • I enjoyed this one and played it twice, one right after the other. Sadly I didn't find it to be as amazing as some have. I'm guessing it must be me, because I have heard a handful of game editors discuss this game as being one of their all time favorites.

  • It was Mr. Giantbomb himself who turned my attention to virtual pinball games back when he talked about the Williams Collection a few years ago. Before that, I had occasionally dropped a quarter in one every once in a while, but didn't truly appreciate what it meant to truly love the game. Pinball Arcade has me loving every classic table they recreate in this love letter to the pins. This game is fantastic and I want more, more, more!

  • Wow! I've only ever appreciated what Telltale has been able to do with their episodic content from a distance. I tried the Sam & Max series, but never really connected with it. I bought Back to the Future, but never took the time to play it. The Walking Dead was right up my alley. I love the comics, the show and Zombies in general. Playing the walking dead has definitely been one of my favorite gaming experiences of the year. The last three episodes cannot get here fast enough.

  • I absolutely loved the original Max Payne. The second was almost as sweet. I had high hopes for the third and Rockstar didn't fail me. The cover mechanic probably should have been left on the cutting room floor, because it really changed the way I played this one from the previous two games. But the story was fantastic. There were moments in this game where I felt like I was playing a Miami Vice or Escape from New York scene from the 1980's. This game was drenched in atmosphere and I never wanted to leave.

  • May 15th, 2012 should be a date long rememberd in gaming history. Not only did we get Max Payne 3, but we get a epic sequel 12 years in the making. Diablo 3 is one of the most addictive games I've ever played. It has me going just a few minutes longer just to see what new awesome piece of loot I can get. Everyone should become engulfed in Diablo 3:)

  • Not as bat shit crazy as last years open world game of choice, Saints Row: The Third but a great open world game just the same. The fighting in the game is up there with a game like Batman. I actually wished for less shooting because the fighting system was just that good.

  • Having really enjoyed the first game, I was looking for more of the same with improvements. Borderlands 2 delivered! A really solid fun, exciting and enjoyable game. I recommend everyone check it out:)

  • Hearing the comparisons to Deus Ex really had me excited for this game. It started off a little slow (not like the Liberty Island level from Deus Ex). But once you start gaining more and more abilities, the game really starts to shine. Anyone who is a fan of video games should really check out Dishonored. The dark vision in the game is very much like the detective mode in Arkham Asylum. Once you max out it's ability, you want to be in that mode all of the time.

  • I've never really played a Forza game, but Jeff said with all of the assists turned on, anyone could enjoy the game play. Jeff was right and I found Forza to be a most excellent experience. I thought NFS:MW was going to be the only racing game I was going to play and enjoy this holiday season. After playing Forza, I am glad to have been wrong:)