Greatest FMV games of all time!

FMV, the greatest thing to EVER happen to the games industry? Yes!:)

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Posted By jessej07

Boom, slam, zango. Awesome list.  I  recommend Revenge of the Ninja, Time Gal, and Road Avenger (all on Sega CD) to go along with these.  This list just became my bucket list of what I need to play.

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Posted By ahoodedfigure

Well done.  So much better when people fill in the descriptions!'s got a decent smattering of FMV videos...  er...  games (I actually typed videos), including some that I see up there.  
I hear good things about Burn Cycle; did you ever get a chance to check that out?

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Posted By JCTango

How did you not include Dragon's Lair?! :O hehe.
Even Space Ace could deserve a little mention too :D

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Posted By Romination

There's a problem with this list/ 
Namely, the idea that FMV games are any good. 
Also, for all your Prize Fighter-like needs, look no further than Punch-Out!!

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Posted By louiedog

When I was a kid I had a game that included a trailer for Phantasmagoria. It was the coolest looking game I'd ever seen. I never got around to playing it though, and I'm guessing the time has long past.